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How to Grade Teachers? Supt. Charles Auzqui. Mar 24 2023

Parents and JCSD#1 Administrators want to know if teachers are meeting expectations and standards in the classroom.  But teacher evaluation can provoke strong reactions.  Some see it as a means of providing valuable feedback for professional improvement, while others feel the focus on evaluation detracts from their ability to focus on students.

Superintendent Charles Auzqui advocates a “growth” not “gotcha” evaluation model which assesses teachers on a range of factors.  What is JCSD#1 doing to develop the right kind of assessments to ultimately benefit students?      

The Surge in Drugs. Sheriff Odenbach & Chief Bissett. Mar 23 2023

News media report almost daily on two massive challenges facing the nation;  drug use and mass shootings.   Johnson County is not insulated from this. How are our Sheriff and Police Departments tackling the challenge?    By proactive policing and working together.

Sheriff Odenbach and Police Chief Bissett are working hand in glove.  They report that in 2023 they are seeing a significant uptick in the use and availability of methamphetamine.  It’s cheaper and more plentiful in supply here in Johnson County than before.  They also report a staggering increase in substances laced with fentanyl and more IV use.    A new software program is an invaluable tool for retrieving leads as well as evidence. 

Listen in for an informed perspective on what’s happening here and now in our community.  

If you want to make a report 911 or 307 684 5521.

Listen in for an informed perspective on what’s happening here and now in our community.   

If you want to make a report call 911 or 307 684 5521
Email: or

Worried about repercussions? 
Tips can remain anonymous however they are reported.


Getting Kindergarten Ready? Principal Laurie Graves. Mar 22 2023

Is your child entering Kindergarten this year?  Meadowlark Elementary School Principal Laurel Graves explains the benefits of registering now and getting a screening.   She explains the Junior K Program as well as regular Kindergarten classes, Kinder Camp, and what’s on offer at Meadowlark School. 

For more information call Meadowlark Elementary School 307 684 9518

BHS PIT Crew Meeting. Mar 21 2023

Dean of Students and Counselors Madonna Esponda and Michelle Dahlberg led this parent information meeting.     

2:00 BHS is suspending its dress code for midriffs and hats for a trial period in April after Spring Break.  How did this come about?   How will this relaxation of the rules play out?  Madonna Esponda explains.

14:30 Summer School will be available to students this June.  Find out more and who is eligible.   

17:40 Hathaway Scholarship information.   BHS wants as many as possible to be Hathaway qualified even if they don’t necessarily see college or college in Wyoming in their future as it has wide applicability and students remain qualified to receive it for up to four years after graduation.  Michelle Dahlberg shares more details.   

Next meeting Tuesday April 18 at 5:15 pm at BHS.   All parents of current 8th Graders are encouraged to join for an introduction to BHS. 

For more information about Hathaway Scholarship visit

Madonna Esponda  684 2269
Michelle Dahlberg   684 2269

“Failing Forward”. American Legion Baseball. Mar 2023

Baseball is a game of failures. How does this translate to success off the field?  At the onset of the season, new coach Adams Teten is drawing on 37 years of involvement with the sport.  He explains his coaching philosophy, and how he sees lessons learned on the field translate into valuable life skills with wide applicability and his vision to grow a program.    

For more information email:

Catch home games at Prosinki Park: 

14 May  V Sheridan B  @1:00 & 3:00
27 May V  Green River  @ 10:00 & 12:00
30 May  V Wheatland @ 5:00 & 7:00
3 June  V Sheridan @ 2:00 & 4:00
5 June V Lovell  @ 3:00 & 5:00
14 June V Douglas @ 4:00 & 6:00
17 June V Cheyenne  @ 2:00 & 4:00
20 June V Powell  @  3:00 & 5:00
15 July V Rawlins  @ 1:00 & 3:00

A Glimmer of Hope? Wyoming Suicide Crisis. Mar 2023

Suicide is devastating.  Wyoming leads the nation per capita in deaths by suicide - nearly double that of the national average.  But there is a glimmer of hope.   Wyoming’s suicide rate fell in 2022.  Since Jan 2023 the 24-hour confidential 988 Suicide and Crisis Hotline has fielded more than 10,000 calls and more support and resources are coming into place. 

Find out more about what the 988 Helpline is about, who it is for, how it works and other resources in our conversation with Bill Hawley, Community Prevention Manager. 

Suicidal?  In Crisis?  Call 988.  

There is also the Crisis Text Line for any crisis to connect with a trained counselor - Text HELP or START to 741741

Connect with Bill Hawley Tel: 307-425-6552

Buffalo City Council Meeting, Mar 21st, 2023

APPROVAL OF MINUTES - March 7, 2023.  Regular Meeting Minutes

Ordinance #1414 – 2nd Rdg – An Ordinance providing for the annexation of “DEER PARK ADDITION” to the Town of the City of Buffalo, Wyoming.

-  Edison Elder – Buffalo Community Rink update 1:30
-  Mayor’s Appointment – Karri White, 1% Optional Sales Tax Board – four (4) year term 10:15

-   City Attorney 10:45
-   Building Inspector 10:55
-   Police Chief 14:45
-  Public Works Director 18:00

 ORAL/WRITTEN COMMENTS  20:00                                     

  • Planning & Zoning Board mtg – Mar 28 @ 1 p.m.
  • Dept Head mtg – Apr 4 @ 7 a.m.
  • City/County mtg – Apr 18 @ 7 a.m.
  • City Council mtgs –Apr 4 & 18 @ 5 p.m.



County Commissioners Meeting, Feb 21st, 2023

Call to Order 0:00
Wyoming Dept. of Health
- Gaming Distribution for Mental Health 0:30
Lake DeSmet Board Appointments 8:10
Moose Lodge Liquor License 12:45
Website Project Status Report  14:05
Budget Motions 23:20
Lake DeSmet Settlement 27:45
County Clerk - Clarification on 1% Tax 37:30
Public Comment - none

Close 40:00

Next Meeting Tues May 4 2023 @ 9:00 am 

City County Meeting. Mar 21st 2023

Open 0:00

County’s transition from .us to .gov 0:10
Trails Master Plan  4:15
Potential City/County Capital Construction Projects 13:50

Additional Commissioner Items 21:20
-  City/County Grant Writing 
-  % Tax Committee

Additional Council Items 28:10
Infrastructure failures at Richardson Park 
Capital Construction projects
City/County Clean Up 2023

Close 33:50

Next City/County Meeting
- Tues April 17, 2023 @ 7:00 am

The Bot Can Do My Homework! March 2023

The genie is already out of the bottle.  AI is here and already being used by students in Johnson County. If you use Siri or Alexa you are already using AI. Furthermore, it is not even clear if AI can be regulated, or what that could even look like. 

Meanwhile, the implications for education cannot be understated.  Its applications are limitless and for students have real benefits but also massive pitfalls.  307NetRadio talked with Computer Science teacher, Krista Sweckard about this astonishing new world opening up.  

If you were wondering whether AI is worth the fuss, this is what ChatGPT came up with in less than 7 seconds when asked the simple question “Should AI do my homework?”.   

“As an AI language model, I do not encourage or promote any form of academic dishonesty. It is important for students to complete their own homework to learn and understand the material. Depending on the specific circumstances, using AI to assist with homework may be considered academic misconduct or cheating, which can have serious consequences.

That being said, AI can be a useful tool for students to help them understand and learn the material. There are many educational resources available that use AI to provide personalized learning experiences, such as adaptive learning systems or online tutoring services. These resources can be a valuable supplement to traditional learning methods and can help students improve their understanding of the material.

Ultimately, it is important for students to take responsibility for their own learning and to avoid relying on AI or other technologies as a substitute for genuine effort and engagement with the material.”

Representative Crago answers to RWFA. March 15th 2023

HD40 Representative Barry Crago was the guest speaker at The Republican Women’s Freedom Alliance's recent meeting. 

Listen to this lively discussion on specific issues of concern to voters in Johnson County.

Barry Crago provided accounts of the successes and failures of legislators at the 2023 session as well as his own voting record.   Find out more about issues that impact us here at home.  
What about pro-life legislation?  The failure to provide reform or relief for property tax?  Where specifically should cuts be made to expenditures?  Did bills from out-of-state entities distract legislators from effective action for Wyomingites?   

Listen in and make up your own mind. 

The View from Cheyenne - the Rearview Mirror. Representative Crago. March 2023


With the legislative session 2023 firmly in the rearview mirror, we wrap up our reports from Cheyenne with HD40 Representative Barry Crago.

We asked about what he sees as the successes and failures of legislators and what that means for the people back here at home.  Should legislators collaborate with those with whom they disagree?  Find out where he stands.   What was the tone and character of this session and did it help or hinder meaningful legislative action for the people of Wyoming and specifically Johnson County?

Representative Crago points to specific successes as well as failures in this session and what ultra-Conservatism could mean for the business of government in the future. 

He concludes by explaining the sequence of anti-abortion legislation and accounts for his personal voting record and addresses the bill put before legislators to allow employers to microchip employees (yes - really). 

The View from Cheyenne - the Rearview Mirror. Senator Kinskey March 2023

We wrap up ‘The View from Cheyenne’ with Senator Dave Kinskey.   Senator Kinskey comments on the recently concluded legislative session.

The legislative session is a crucial time for our lawmakers to pass bills and make decisions that will affect our communities and the state.

Did legislators deserve the D or F Grade as indicated in a recent poll? 

Why was there a collective failure to deliver meaningful short-term property tax reform?

Did the many newly elected representatives create undue obstacles?

Should Congresswoman Hageman have intervened?

With this session wrapped up, Senator Kinskey reflects on the highs and lows, including bills that were passed and those that did not make it.


Harriet Hageman Town Hall. March 14th, 2023

Fulfilling her campaign promise to hold Town Hall meetings every year in each county in Wyoming through her term, Representative Harriet Hageman visited Buffalo on Tuesday, March 14th. 

Ms Hageman spent the first 30 minutes reporting on her first months in office, accounting for her time and actions in Congress, then taking a number of questions on a broad range of topics.

Contact Congresswoman Harriet Hageman


Washington, DC Office:
1531 Longworth House Office Building
Washington. DC 20514
Tel 202 225 2311

Gillette Office:
222 S Gillette Ave, Suite 600
Gillette WY 82716
Tel 307 228 6399

Casper Office:
100 East B St
Casper WY 82601
Tel 307 441 6328

Cheyenne Office
2120 Capitol Ave
Cheyenne WY 82001
Tel 307 8299 3299

Cemetery District Board Meeting, March 14th 2023

Open 0:00
Public Comment 1:10
Approval of Vouchers 5:40
Minutes - February Board Meeting 15:00

Financial Report 15:50
FY24 Budget 26:10

Harness Funeral Home (issue with the waterlogged grave) 1:08:05

Sexton’s Report 1:17:30

Guest Presentations & Bids - none

Unfinished Business 1:27:50
-  Kaycee heater estimates 1:28:00
-  Application for storage 1:42:00

New Business
-  Notification of cemetery closures 2:09:00
-  Overtime Policy 2:13:45

Recess 2:15:30

Standardizing Bid Request 2:13:45

Executive Session - Salary Compensation Review

Close 2:13:45


JC School District Board Meeting, March 14th 2023

Regular Session 0:50
Roll Call 1:20

Public Comment 1:50
-  Rainbow Banners
-  Senior/Rodeo Banners

Library Process 7:10
Senior Banners 51:30

Additions/Accept Agenda 1:21:50
JCSD#1 Student Video 1:22:20
Principal Reports 1:25:10
CPES Spotlight

Superintendent Reports 1:41:20
Director Reports 1:52:00
Curriculum & Learning Report 2:00:45
Special Services Report 2:01:10
Business Report 2:03:00
Rec Board Report 2:07:50
BOCES Report 2:08:00
BOCHES Report 2:08:50
Leadership Governance 2.8 Community Relations 2:09:00

Consent Agenda 2:13:45
- Minutes
- Warrants
- Employment

Other Business
-  From the Board 2:13:45
-  Board Eval Discussion 2:16:45
-  April Work Session 2:17:30
-  April Board Meeting - Kaycee 2:17:45
-  JCSD#1 & SCSD#1,2,3 Board Summer Retreat
-  BHS Master Schedule Committee 2:18:45

Executive Session 2:20:35

Action Items 
-  Policy Revision Second Reading 0:00
-  Policy Revision First Reading 0:40
-  Calendar Approval 17:00
-  Chromebook RFP 17:50
-  BHS Elevator Repair 24:00
-  Senior Banners 25:30
-  BILT Grant Funded Positions 34:00
-  Purchase of Curriculum Resources 35:00
-  Admin Contract Renewal 37:00
-  Approval of 3rd Party Investigation 37:50


RHCD Board Meeting. March 13th, 2023

Open 0:00

Approve Agenda
Review Vouchers
Approve Minutes -  Regular Meeting  Feb 13, 2023 1:05
Approve Minutes -  Special Meeting Minutes Feb 27, 2023  1:45

Treasurer’s Report 3:10

Buffalo Director’s Report 10:20

Kaycee Director’s Report 26:40

Old Business
-  CD Rates and Bank of Buffalo pledge 33:25
-  Buffalo EMS Contract 43:05

New Business
-  Privacy Officer 1:08:40
-  Kaycee Preliminary Budget 1:12:20
-  District Preliminary Budget 1:17:45
-  New Building Committee 1:39:30
-  Work Session - March 27, 2023 at 4:00 pm

New Business - none

Public Comment 1:40:45

Executive Session - Property  1:45:00

Public Adjourned 1:45:00

Note:  No Executive Action was taken.

Dreaming of summer? Help with small acreage cultivation. March 2023

Dream of developing your few acres? There are local resources for just that!  March 2023

Make the most of the lingering winter weather to plan and prepare.  Listen to Zach Byram and Micah Most explain what you can expect from two upcoming events - both designed to give you all the information you need to do to successfully and sustainably cultivate your land to suit your lifestyle and your budget.    

Got a few acres you’d like to develop?  Maybe you hanker after a small livestock herd?  Or a tree or planting project?  Or a garden to put fresh produce on your own table?   Or some landscaping? 

Developing your outside space might seem daunting if you don’t have roots in agriculture or ranching. If you don’t feel confident about cultivating those few acres outside your door, Clear Creek Conservation District and the University of Wyoming Extension Office are your links to all the information you need for making the most of that space. 

Sign up here :

Barnyards & Backyards :

Clear Creek Conservation District  tel 307-620-3021

UW Extension Office, Buffalo  WY tel- 307-684-7522

Britni Camino, Rural Healthcare District Board. March 2023

The Rural Healthcare District Board (RHCD) oversees ambulance services in Johnson County.   Britni Camino, newly appointed chairperson, wants public input. 

We asked her about the new 4-year contract with Buffalo EMS and the new building which must be completed by Dec 2026.   The new designated facility in Buffalo has been controversial in the past.   What is planned? How it will be paid for?  Is this the right location?   Is it affordable?   All important considerations that impact patient care.

Find out more about what this means for taxpayers and patients.   

Contact Britni Camino by phone/text at 307 620 5013 or email at

Rural Healthcare District Board meet monthly on 2nd Monday of each month.

Next meeting is Mon March 13 at 4:00 pm at JC Planning Office, 26 n Desmet Ave, Buffalo

JoCo First Board Meeting, March 8th 2023

Call to order & introductions  0:00
Review & Approve Minutes - Feb 8, 2023 meeting 1:10

Financials 2:20
Treasurer's Report - financial status

Staff Reports 7:00

BMCC/Economic Development- general update 7:00

Old Business:
1. Employee Handbook 15:50
2. Board Training update 16:15

New Business
JOCO First meeting date change 17:40
Community meeting w WY Business Council 24:00

Other Business
Public Comment & Updates
Wendy Smith, Sheridan College 29:30
Jody Sauers, JCTA 30:35
John DeMatteis 47:30
Zach Smith

Workshop Date -  March 15, 2023
Next Meeting Date - April 12, 2023

Adjourn. 1:01

JoCo First, also known as Kaycee and Buffalo Johnson County Economic Development Joint Powers Board exists “to build and enhance our regional economy, attract new businesses and support the growth of existing ones”.


Buffalo City Council Meeting, March 7th, 2023

February 21, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes



Councilman Camino absence - Feb 21 regular meeting 1:50·      

Ordinance #1414 - 1st Rdg – An Ordinance providing for the annexation of “DEER PARK ADDITION” to the Town of the City of Buffalo, Wyoming.2:20

Resolution #1464 - A resolution determining the amount of optional 1% taxes to be allocated for organizations not directly managed by the City of Buffalo, Wyoming, or a Joint Powers Board of which the City of Buffalo, Wyoming is considered a member to be used for expenses in Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2024.  4:00

Mayor’s Appointment 5:00
-  Alisa Remember, Buffalo Trails Board
- Brian Whitlock, Lodging Tax Board 

Dennis Kirven, City Attorney  5:30
Terry Asay, Building Inspector 4:45
Sean Bissett, Police Chief 6:15
Les Hook, Public Works Director 9:40

ORAL/WRITTEN COMMENTS  9:55                                                     

  • City/County mtg – Mar 21 @ 7 a.m.
  • City Council mtg –Mar 21 @ 5 p.m.
  • Planning & Zoning Board mtg – Mar 28 @ 1 p.m.
  • Daylight Savings Time Begins Mar 12


ADJOURN  11:35


City of Buffalo Dept Head Meeting March 7th, 2023

Intro 0:00
Recognition of Mayor Kemper, Douglas WY
Personnel Policy Revisions - Update 0:40
Deer Park Annexation 1:10
Optional 1% Resolution 3:00
Health Insurance Renewal 9:30
Budget Worksheets 14:30
Budget Meetings Schedule
Sandbags 20:45
Waste Water Plant House 26:20
Local Government Projects ARPA Grants
-Sunset Ave 32:20
Major Capital Construction Projects - Updates 36:35
Bar & Grill License Public Hearing 40:00
Department Head Items 42:40

  • Clerk
  • Building Inspector/Planning Director
  • Police Chief
  • City Works
  • City Fire Chief
  • City Attorney

Board Liaison Updates & Council Items 59:00

Close.  1:13:10

Laura DeMatteis, Republican Women's Freedom Alliance, March 2023

This Conservative group is looking for new members.   Find out where they fall on the political spectrum and their goals and purpose.  Laura De Matteis explains what they are all about.



Superintendent Charles Auzqui, March 3rd 2023

The school board will confirm the school calendar for the next two years at the next Board meeting.   What is best for students?   A 4-day week?  Year around school? What about a statewide universal calendar?

Concerned about reading proficiency?  Mr Auzqui encourages parents, especially those with students K-5th Grade to Cloud Peak Elementary School on Wed March 15th, at 6:00 pm.  A meeting about reading and literacy in our schools. 

If you have a child ready to enter Kindergarten.  Don’t miss Kindergarten Round-Up at Meadowlark Elementary Mon March 20th, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm..  It’s a great way to introduce your child to school, and just as important to ensure that the school has the right student-to-teacher ratio. 

For more info visit:


"If I don't, who will?" Foster Parenting. Feb 2023

If you experience poor-quality audio, reload!  

Johnson County needs foster parents.   307NetRadio talked with Kari Packard and Desiree Parsons of the Department of Family Services (DFS).  They explain more about the experience of caring for kids who are not able to live in their family home.   Find out what it’s like to join a team of people who provide safe and stable care for kids they maybe don’t even know.   

Ashley Handley (Foster Care Coordinator for Sheridan & Johnson County) explains what it takes to become certified,  the collaborative partnership between foster parents and case workers, and many other aspects of fostering. 

You may not feel able to open your home to children but you can still support kids in foster care by helping with donations of clothing or other practical support through Sheridan Foster Parent Exchange or call Buffalo DFS.      

For more information check out these resources:

Contact the Department of Family Service:

Ashley Handley, Foster Care Coordinator
(307) 675-5455

Buffalo Department of Family Services
Kari Packard
381 N. Main
Buffalo, Wyoming 82834
(307) 684-5513

Foster Parent Exchange -

Foster Care and Foster Care Training



The View from Cheyenne, Senator Kinskey, Mar 1st, 2023

307NetRadio covered a lot of issues with Senator Dave Kinskey as legislators wind up this session.   

Or course we asked about the failure in getting meaningful property tax relief.   Many are angry and frustrated.   But there are other issues that matter too -  trust funds to support programs,  transgender men competing in women’s sports, the role of the Freedom Caucus this session, and restoring guns to non-violent felons. 

Watch out for more updates from Cheyenne here at 307NetRadio.

Contact or  call/text (307) 751-6428



JC Hospital Board Meeting, Mar 1st, 2022


I.   Review and approve the prior month’s Board         
     meeting minutes 0:00
II.  Chief of Staff Report 0:30
III.  Leadership Reports 1:00
IV.  CEO Report 10:15
V.   JCHC Financial Performance 22:30
VI.  Executive Session - Personnel 36:30 



The View from Cheyenne, Representative Crago. Feb 28th, 2023

The Legislature is leaving Cheyenne having failed to provide Property Tax Relief. “Legislature did not do its job”.  It’s back to the drawing board for at least one more year, in the meantime taxpayers will have to bear the burden. How did it fall apart?  What happened to more than 20 bills?     Barry Crago tells us to look at the voting records.  See how who was responsible?  Should we talk to those representatives to work it out?    

Do you agree that we should not sacrifice “good for perfect”?  Is the business of effective government about compromise?   

In the same week that property tax relief failed, representatives awarded themselves Per Diem increases.   Barry Crago defends the increase saying it is legitimate as it provides much-needed financial reimbursement for the 500 or more boards and commission members who make invaluable contributions to the process.

Watch for more updates from this legislative session here on 307NetRadio. 

Find out more at   or call/text Barry Crago at (307) 267-9789


RHCD Board Work Session & Special Meeting, Feb 27th, 2023

RHCD Work Session & Special Meeting.  Feb 27th, 2023

Work Session  

  1. Contract with Buffalo EMS - discussion 0:00
  2. Building Grants Discussion 24:30

Special Meeting 50:40

  1. Building Grants discussion and vote
  2. Buffalo EMS Contract vote - 4-year contract contingent upon agreeable 1:14:00
  3. Patient Ambulance Bill 1:15:20

Adjourn  1:18:40

Rural Healthcare District Board met for a work session and special meeting.  Two significant issues were on the agenda.   A new building for Buffalo and whether to accept building grants awarded in 2022. 

On the issue of the contract, it was agreed to proceed with a 4-year term provided both parties can agree on terms and conditions.   Buffalo EMS stated it did not foresee any problems.     

Secondly, RHCD Board was awarded two grants totaling $875,000 in 2022 for a new building which have to be accepted or declined. 

After discussion, the Board concluded it did not want to turn down this money.   However, both grants come with strings attached including time constraints that put pressure on getting the building process underway very soon.    The next step will be to move forward with the building despite lingering concerns over the current proposed location on the South Bypass by County Fire.  An urgent search for a more central location is underway for the next month.

Wrestling Weather. BHS Students & Supt. Auzqui. Feb 2023

Who knew the weather could make a week so complicated?   After a week disrupted by severe winter weather which affected athletics and academics, BHS students ask Superintendent Charles Auzqui how and why JCDS#1 calls virtual learning days, late starts, or early outs.

On an entirely different note, we discussed the first lady wrestling championships and what will come next for wrestling.   Congratulations Teila Peters, BHS State Lady Wrestling Champion! 

Reducing Roadkill? I25 Buffalo-Kaycee Wildlife Crossing Project. Feb 2023

We love Wyoming’s proximity to wildlife but that doesn’t come without a cost.  ‘Big game versus vehicle’ collisions are at an all-time high in the Cowboy State.   The Nature Conservancy reports 21 big game road collisions daily in 2021, that number is most likely underreported and increasing at a cost of $55 million or more.   

The Wyldlife Fund is behind an ambitious project to fence 36 miles of I25 between Buffalo and Kaycee, one of the most dangerous stretches of road for motorists and mule deer.  The objective is to virtually eliminate wildlife being hit on this stretch of road.  Is that possible? 

What is this project to protect drivers and wildlife.  The Wyldlife Fund President Chris McBarnes explains. 

Find out more about the Wyldlife fund crossing



Virtual School Days. Love' em, hate 'em? Feb 24th, 2023

At the end of a week overshadowed by brutal winter weather, Superintendent Charles Auzqui talks about whether virtual school days are working.  

Decisions at the legislative session have direct implications for Johnson County students and teachers.  What bills has Charles Auzqui been watching and was the trip to Cheyenne to speak directly to legislators worthwhile?  

Charter Schools are a hot topic.  What will be the impact on public schools?   Should parents be concerned? 




Airbnb's in Buffalo? Feb 2023

307NetRadio and Planning Director Terry Asay explains the new(-ish) regulation surrounding short-term rental properties in Buffalo.  It’s a balancing act for a trial period. 

Any questions? Contact Terry Asay 307 684 5566 or

Apply here:



The View from Cheyenne, Senator Kinskey, Feb 22nd, 2023

What is still in play for Property Tax relief?  Who will get relief?  Who is for, and who is against?

The Senator reports on the crossover voting bill, and  explains why the proposed age to legally purchase vapes was reduced from 21 to 18. 

This session more than previous, legislators have debated a lot of social issues.  However ‘The Budget’ is their primary focus.  Listen to Senator Kinskey’s detailed update.

He also defends his stance against trust funding as a mechanism for supporting any kind of program.   Do you agree with his position?    

Watch out for more updates from Cheyenne here at 307NetRadio.

Contact or  call/text (307) 751-6428



County Commissioners Meeting, Feb 21st, 2023

Call to Order 0:00
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of February 7, 2023 Minutes General County Business

Budget Amendment  Resolution 697
Opioid Budget Resolution 0:30
Extension Office Year in Review 4:45
Project Updates - Powder River Ranger District 17:30
Johnson County Tourism Association (JCTA) 40:00
Website Domain 48:00
Liquor License Renewals 59:50
Powder River Energy Pole Release 1:09:15
Recycling Board Appointment 1:10:40
Public Comment 1:21:40
Emergency Management Coordinator 1:31:40
Executive Session - Personnel 1:36:00

Buffalo City Council Meeting, Feb 21st, 2023

February 7, 2022. Regular Meeting Minutes 1:05

Ordinance #1413 – 3rd & Final Rdg – An ordinance amending Chapter 16: Offenses – Miscellaneous, Section 40, contact with wildlife within the limits of the City of Buffalo. 


City Attorney (none)
Building Inspector
Police Chief
Public Works Director

 ORAL/WRITTEN COMMENTS  3:25 (none)                               ANNOUNCEMENTS 3:35

  • Planning & Zoning Board mtg – Feb 28 @ 1 p.m.
  • Dept Head mtg – Mar 7 @ 7 a.m.
  • City/County mtg – Mar 21 @ 7 a.m.
  • City Council mtgs –Mar 7 & 21 @ 5 p.m.
  • 1% Application deadline – Feb 28 @ 5 p.m.



Cemetery District Board Meeting, Feb 21st 2023

Open  0:00
Public Comments 0:40
- John Zorbas

Guest Presentation 2:35
- Echoes of the Past August 2023

Approval of Vouchers 7:00

Minutes January 2023 Board Meeting 7:55

Financial Report  8:50

Sexton’s Report 24:20

Unfinished Business  40:55

  • Application of State & District Constitutions - tabled
  • Cremation Garden Estimates - tabled
  • Kaycee Heater Estimates
  • Conflict of Interest Forms - tabled

New Business 48:15

City County Meeting. Feb 21st 2023

Intro / Opening Remarks 0:00
Legislative Update
-   Direct Distribution 0:45
-   Crosswalk Money 2:00
-   Budget Update & Wyolink 4:40
-   Bar & Grill Update 6:45
-   Property Tax Relief 9:00

Big Horn National Forest Discussion 
Pole Creek Vegetation Management Plan 17:15
Forest Plan Revisions 20:40
1%Tax Update 22:30
JCTA (Jo Co Tourism Association) Update 26:30
General Comments  36:30

Next City/County Meeting March 21, 2023 @ 7:00 am


The View from Cheyenne, Representative Crago. Feb 20th, 2023

Is HD40 Representative Barry Crago’s higher public profile deliberate or by chance this session?   
Why did he vote against legislation against school spanking and tighter abortion bills? 
Will there be a meaningful relief to the heavy burden of high property taxes?
Why does he think legislating against crossover voting is not a necessity?
Has the State House taken a hard turn to the right? 

We asked a lot of questions.  Listen to his answers and make up your own mind.

Watch for more updates from this legislative session here on 307NetRadio. 

Find out more at   or call/text Barry Crago at (307) 267-9789


The View from Cheyenne, Senator Kinskey, Feb 15th, 2023

It’s already Week 6 of our regular updates with Senator Dave Kinskey.  The remainder of the session will be driven by the process itself.  As he describes, it’s a lot of “hurry up and wait”.

The budget remains the priority as Senate and House close in on what to save and what to spend.  A resolution may be reached as early as next week. 

Wyoming’s suicide crisis has been front of mind for legislators as they debated funding for the 988 Suicide Hotline.  Supporters did not get the trust fund they asked for but the line will provide what Kinskey calls “critical” support to address the crisis. 

In a surprise turn of events, the crossover voter issue is back on the table, an issue that has Senator Kinskey’s support.   

Property tax relief is still not resolved but hope remains for a Senate-generated proposal being considered by the House, and a refund program is still in play.   

Senator Kinskey closes with his remarks on whether this session has taken a turn to hard-right, conservative values. 

Watch out for more updates from Cheyenne here at 307NetRadio.

Contact or  call/text (307) 751-6428



Rural Healthcare District Board Meeting, Feb 13th, 2023

Approve Agenda 0:00
Review Vouchers 3:35 -  includes a discussion of Kaycee class funding 12:40
View and Approve Minutes (Dec ’22 & Jan ’23) 54:30
Treasurer’s Report 56:05
Buffalo Director’s Report 1:05:50
Kaycee Director’s Report 1:07:05

Old Business
-  Buffalo EMS Contract 1:12:15
-  Introduction of Brian Sharp, Buffalo EMS 1:35:40
-  CD Rates - possible purchase 1:39:30
-  Guidehouse Supplemental Payment Program 1:44:30
-  Grants 1:44:45
-  Medical Director, Buffalo EMS, Appointment - Dr Luke           Goddard 1:45:50

New Business
-  Privacy Officer 1:50:15
-  Patient Payment 1:52:20
-  Work Sessions + Special Meeting 2:05:50

Public Comment - none

Work Session & Special Meeting:  Buffalo EMS Contract, Grants, Patient Payment.   
February 22, 2023 - 4:00 p.m.  JC Planning Office - Buffalo

Next Regular Board Meeting March 13, 2023- 4:00 p.m. JC Planning Office- Buffalo

Handling the Challenge? New School Board Trustees! Feb 10th, 2023

307NetRadio caught up with two of our three new  JCSD#1 School Board Trustees, Marcia Goddard, and Travis Pearson.  We were curious about their experience of joining one of the most demanding leadership positions in our community. Is it what they expected?  Have their priorities or goals changed? How do they now understand their job within the school district? Their link to parents, and what comes next?

(Casey Rodriguez was unavailable)

The View from Cheyenne, Representative Crago, Feb 10th, 2023

House District 40 Representative Barry Crago defends his position on Abortion Bill HB152 and explains his 11th-hour amendment and his commitment to pro-life legislation, property tax relief, and funding for mental health programs.   The 988 Suicide helpline will be funded annually, leading mental health professionals concern about its future and long-term sustainability.   

So at this halfway point, we ask what it has been like this session getting business done with so many rookies in elected office.  Barry Crago compares this session to his previous experience.   

Watch for more updates from this legislative session here on 307NetRadio. 

Find out more at   or call/text Barry Crago at (307) 267-9789

Watch out for more updates here at 307NetRadio.

Pole Creek Recreation Area Clear Cut Objections, Feb 9th, 2023

Many people enjoy playing on "the mountain" just outside of Buffalo year round, with the Pole Creek Recreation Area being a highlight for many during the winter.  

Listen to Aaron Kessler, President of Powder Pass Nordic Club outline the club’s concerns with the Forest Service’s proposed clear-cut project known as the Pole Creek Vegetation Management Project.    

The Pole Creek Nordic Area, which includes several miles of well-used trails, would be significantly impacted and the club is asking that the area be exempted from the project.   

Find out more here

However, that area is a very small part of the overall proposed area subject to timber management in the Pole Creek and Doyle Creek areas.    Find out more about the scope of the project and the implications for the mountain landscape by visiting

Note:  Public comment period closes Tuesday February 21st, 2023. 

Don’t miss out on this year’s Pole Creek Challenge!  Register here



The View from Cheyenne, Senator Kinskey, Feb 8th, 2023

Following a long week of tussling with budget issues, we catch up with Senator Dave Kinskey in Cheyenne.     Listen to his progress report on what comes next, and his metric for supporting legislative funding. 

Tackling Wyoming’s high suicide rates is an issue for legislators.   There is widespread support for the 988 Suicide Hotline service but the funding mechanism remains undecided.   What does the Senator feel he can support and why?

Gender identity issues pervade this session,  notably in two bills;  one defining gender-affirming treatments as child abuse, and another tackling the issue of transgender athletes competing in sports.   Senator Kinskey defends his research-based position stating that his actions are based on protecting children.

Proposals to legislate I80 as a toll road failed but the question remains;  who should burden the massive financial overhead for upkeep and maintenance of this dollar-guzzling arterial route across Wyoming? 

Finishing up, the Senator draws attention to Governor Gordon’s goal of creating a fund of up to $300 million to attract projects into Wyoming - for example, hydrogen production, nuclear development programs, and ground-based strategic defense initiatives.   

Watch out for more updates from Cheyenne here at 307NetRadio.

Contact or  call/text (307) 751-6428



JoCo First Board Meeting, Feb 8th 2023

JoCo First, also known as Kaycee and Buffalo Johnson County Economic Development Joint Powers Board exists “to build and enhance our regional economy, attract new businesses and support the growth of existing ones”.

307NetRadio will record and post their regular board meetings and report on relevant issues or events.    

For more information about JoCo First visit

Call to Order 0:00
Review & Accept Meeting Minutes - Jan 11, 2023 0:35

-  Treasurer’s Report 2:15
-  Budget Review + Proposed Budget + 1% Tax Application 6:45

Staff Reports 22:50
-  BMCC/Economic Development - general update

Old Business
-  Employee Handbook 1:06:30
-  ED Comprehensive Plan Update 1:08:30

New Business
-  Board Training Opportunity 1:25:50
-  Meeting Date Change 1:33:00
-  Board Member Expectations 1:36:50

Other Business
-  Wyoming Economic Development Academy 1:37:40
-   Public Comment 1:38:20

Next meeting March 8, 2023 @ 8 am


Buffalo City Council Meeting, Feb 7th, 2023

Call to Order
Approval of Agenda 0:00
Approval of Minutes of Jan 17 2022 0:25

-  Ordinance #1413 - 2nd Rdg.  An ordinance amending Chapter 16:  Offenses - Misc., Section 40, contact with wildlife within the limits of the City of Buffalo. 0:35

NEW BUSINESS- Proclamation 1:05
-  Child Development Center, Marsha Riley - Annual Update. 3:25
-  Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, Jennifer Romanoski - Wednesday Markets Request 7:40
-  Powder Pass Nordic Ski Club, Aaron Kessler - Pole Creek Drainage Timber Management Plan 10:30
-  Special Use Permit - GT Investments, Re-Subdivision Lot 3, Block 1 Buffalo West Addition 23:45
-  JC Tourism Association, Jody Sauers  34:00

-  Buffalo Charitable Foundation - Steve Reimann
-  Buffalo Charitable Foundation - John Camino
-  Optional 1% Sales Tax Committee - Cheryl Madden
-  Lodging Tax Board - Anita Peoples

-  City Attorney 44:55
-  Building Inspector 45:00
-  Police Chief 47:50
-  Public Works Director 49:30


Planning & Zoning Board Mtg - Feb 28 @ 1 pm
City/County Mtg Feb 21 @ 7 am
City Council Mtg Feb 21 @ 5 pm
City offices closed Feb 20 - President’s Day
1% application deadline Feb 28 @ 5 pm




County Commissioners Meeting, Feb 7th, 2023

Call to Order 0:00
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval Jan 3, 2023 Minutes 0:15
General County Business
Renewal of County Liquor Licenses 0:55
Child Development Center Update 5:55
Johnson County Tourism Association Update 13:55
NOVO Benefits Quarterly Update 27:00
Deputize Coroners 55:40
Resolutions 695 & 696 56:10
Boundary Line Adjustment 1:09:00
Updates:  Septics & Sewage Systems 1:16:45
Game & Fish Contract 1:23:50
Mikesell/Potts Maintenance
Approve Cowboy Saloon Liquor License
Lake De Smet Settlement Update 1:28:20
Ratify Cowboy Saloon Catering Permit 1:32:20 (also at 2:05:35)
Ratify Cattleguard Steakhouse Catering Permit 1:33:30
Powder Pass Nordic Ski Club 1:34:35
Board Appointments 1:44:45
-   Recycling Center, Solid Waste District, Harold Jarrard Park, Weed & Pest, JCTA
JC Tourism Association Update 1:52:00
WCCA Counties BLM MOU 1:57:30
Vouchers  2:04:05
Public Comment (None) 2:04:05
Executive Session - Personnel


City of Buffalo Dept Head Meeting Feb 7th, 2023

Personnel Policy Revisions - Update 0:00

Department Head Items 5:40
-  Clerk
-  Public Works
-  City Fire
-  Police
-  Building & Planning Inspector

Board Liaison Updates 17:00

Council Items 24:00

Next Dept Head Mtg - Tues Mar 7 @ 7 am

The View from Cheyenne, Representative Crago, Feb 3rd, 2023

Aaron Palmer caught up with Johnson County House Representative Barry Crago in the midst of a heavy week dominated by budget deliberations with big decisions on the table.

Get an update on progress from the House on property tax relief, and funding for education.   Mr Crago is an advocate for mental health initiatives and discusses funding for the 988 Suicide Hotline and funding to school districts and local mental health professionals.

We conclude with Mr Crago explaining the reasons for his recent votes on abortion and ‘mask & vaccine’ bills.   
Watch for more updates from this legislative session here on 307NetRadio. 

Find out more at   or call/text Barry Crago at (307) 267-9789

Watch out for more updates here at 307NetRadio.

Play Therapy with Stephanie Idalski, Feb 2023

Who doesn’t love toys?   Did you know that toys can be more than just for traditional play? They can be instrumental in therapy too.  Meet Stephanie Idalski of the Play Therapy Center as we talk at the beginning of National Play Therapy Week about what it is and how it reveals unfilled needs or traumas in children to enable healing and smooth out difficulties. 

Maybe you have or know a child who is struggling?  Play therapy could be the answer.   Listen in and find out more about what’s on offer at Play Therapy Center in Buffalo.

Call/Text 989.255.4508

412 N Main St
Buffalo WY 82834



The View from Cheyenne, Senator Kinskey, Jan 31st, 2023

Aaron Palmer spoke with Senator Dave Kinskey on Monday Jan 31st at the beginning of a grueling but  significant week for legislators whose focus will be on the budget.

Senator Kinskey has an update on the progress for property tax relief, and funding for education, wrapping up with budget process information and his guess for whether the huge surplus will be be spent or saved.

Watch out for more updates from Cheyenne here at 307NetRadio.

Contact or  call/text (307) 751-6428



Superintendent Charles Auzqui, Jan 27th 2023

The backdrop for many conversations right now links back to what is going on at the legislative session in Cheyenne.   There is a slew of potential pieces of legislation that would impact education in Wyoming.  This raises questions about what is appropriate for legislation and what should be left to the State Board of Education.

In our broad-ranging conversation with JCSD#1 Superintendent Charles Auzqui you can find out more about those issues as well as the real impact of legislative decisions, does JCSD#1 teach critical race theory (CRT), and what would be the impact of a reduction in standards of a high school diploma. 

The View from Cheyenne, Representative Crago, Jan 26th, 2023

As matters pick up the pace in Cheyenne, Representative Crago outlines the business and process for the next few weeks of this session and explains his personal approach to deciding how to vote on any given piece of legislation, the value of lobbyists, and the value of debate.    

Barry Crago encourages voters to be informed on individual legislation under consideration and the impact of testifying to legislators in person or via zoom.   Find out more at   or call/text Barry Crago at (307) 267-9789

Next week is one to watch as budget hearings are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Watch out for our update here at 307NetRadio.

The View from Cheyenne, Senator Kinskey, Jan 25th 2023

Senator Dave Kinskey walks us through the upcoming weeks of legislative business and the Supplemental Budget under consideration.   He is a fierce advocate of learning from Wyoming’s history of boom and bust and saving not splurging.   

Mr Kinskey provided updates on the plethora of property tax relief proposals and which are serious candidates to succeed.   It’s not just property taxes that voters want to see addressed,  Medicaid expansion is another huge issue impacting pocketbooks all across the state.   Listen to why Senator Kinskey is not in favor. 

Next week is one to watch as budget hearings are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Watch out for our update here at 307NetRadio.

Contact or  call/text (307) 751-6428



JC Hospital Board Meeting, Jan 25th, 2022


I.   Review and approve the prior month’s Board         
     meeting minutes 0:00
II.  Chief of Staff Report 0:30
III.  Leadership Reports 8:00
IV.  CEO Report 20:00
V.   Approval of Credentialing 26:00
VI.  JCHC Financial Performance 27:00
VII. QAPI Plan Approval 42:00
VIII. Approval of the Limited Delegated Capital Purchase
       Policy 44:00



The View from Cheyenne, Representative Crago, Jan 19, 2023

In the first of our interviews with HD40 Representative Barry Crago from this legislative session in Cheyenne, we talk about progress on the first two weeks and what has he been focussing on.   

We asked about how well business has been conducted with almost half of the elected officials being incoming freshmen and some strong differences of opinion.  

How does he determine his priorities, his two committee appointments, and his support for funding for mental health initiatives?   Is he in favor of spending or saving the significant $4 billion surplus?   How does that line up with your views?    

The View from Cheyenne, Senator Kinskey, Jan 12 2023

Senator Dave Kinskey, Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and Senate Vice-President reports on the second week of this legislative session. 

Can the Legislature actually provide much-needed property tax relief or are there just too many ideas on the table?   Should it be in the form of rebates or reductions?  How long could it take to be felt by property owners?   

Listen to his reaction to Governor Gordon’s recent address and his views on how to successfully navigate this supplemental budget year.   


Buffalo City Council Meeting, Jan 17, 2023

(January 3, 2022 – Regular Meeting Minutes) 

·   Ordinance #1412 – 3rd & Final Reading – An ordinance providing for the annexation of “Big Horn Cooperative Marketing Association, a Wyoming nonprofit corporation” to the Town of the City of Buffalo, Wyoming.

·       Jim Dawson, 4-H/Trap & Skeet Club – annual update 2:10
·       Adam Teten, Buffalo Youth Baseball – annual update 12:30
·       Tim Cahhal, Buffalo Trails Board – annual update 25:50
·       Jon Cordonier & Jody Sauers, Johnson County Tourism Association – annual update 33:40
·       Erika McCarter, Operation Blue Santa – annual update 45:45
·       Mayor’s Board Appointment 49:10
Richard Wonka, Buffalo Pool Board – Two (2) year term
·       Ordinance #1413 – 1st Rdg – An ordinance amending Chapter 16: Offenses – Miscellaneous, Section 40, contact with wildlife within the limits of the City of Buffalo. 49:30
·       City Attorney Contract 50:00

Dennis Kirven, City Attorney 50:30
Terry Asay, Building Inspector  51:15
Sean Bissett, Police Chief 55:10
Larry Joubert, Public Works Foreman 59:30

ORAL/WRITTEN COMMENTS    59:50                                                         
Planning & Zoning Board mtg – Jan 24 @ 1 p.m.
Dept Head mtg – Feb 7 @ 7 a.m.
City/County mtg – Feb 21 @ 7 a.m.
City Council mtgs – Feb 7 & 21 @ 5 p.m.
1% Application deadline – Feb 28 @ 5 p.m.


ADJOURN  1:01:00


Buffalo City Council Business Meeting, Jan 17 2023

Proposed Alcoholic Beverages Ordinances
-  Review Existing Ordinance 0:00
-  Downtown Open Container Area 4:00
-  Liquor License Applications 8:40

City Attorney Contract 20:50

Personnel Policy Review 24:45

Board Liaison Assignments 30:45

Council Items  42:10



School Active Shooter Parent/Community Meeting, Jan 16th 2023

Not long ago, Active Shooter Training in schools, businesses, hospitals, and government facilities wasn’t a priority – or even a thought – in organizations across America. Today,  a mass shooting incident can happen anywhere.  JCSD#1 believes in preparing for such an unthinkable event and has brought in Tac-One Consulting in collaboration with JC Sheriff’s Office and Buffalo Police Department to train staff, students and officers in tactics to best respond to an event. 

Listen to Trainer Joe Deedon and Superintendent Charles Auzqui in this recording of the Community/Parent Presentation explain the training and why it is important. 

Joe Deedon walks through the adult/staff program explaining when to choose evacuation, sheltering or barricading.   A unique aspect of this program is firearm knowledge training and the K-12 classes.  He provides examples of the different types of reactions both civilians and law enforcement personnel in the heat of the moment. 
How would you react? What would you do?   Find out more about this complex issue and the actions that save lives.

For more information about Tac-One visit

JoCo First Board Meeting, Jan 11th 2023

JoCo First, also known as Kaycee and Buffalo Johnson County Economic Development Joint Powers Board exists “to build and enhance our regional economy, attract new businesses and support the growth of existing ones”.

307NetRadio will record and post their regular board meetings and report on relevant issues or events.    

For more information about JoCo First visit

Apologies for some poor quality moments during the audio.  Cause has been identified and resolved.  


  1. Call to Order 0:00
  2. Review / Accept Meeting Minutes - Meeting Dec 14, 2022 0:10
  3. Financials 0:45
    Treasurer’s Report
  4. Staff Reports 13:35
    BMCC General Update
  5. Old Business 26:45
    Update on possible grant for Economic Development/Comprehensive Plan
  6. New Business 32:00
    Discuss Employee Handbook & Benefits 32:05
    Election of Officers/Term Expiration 35:00
  7. Other Business 39:55
    Public Comment (none)
    Mountain Meadow Woolen Mill update 40:15
    Board Members Comments 50:50
    Next Meeting - Feb 8, 2023Close 

What is the 1% Tax? Jan 13th 2023

Confused about the 1% Tax?   Who pays it?  How much does it raise?  How is it distributed and who benefits?   Find out in our conversation with former Buffalo City Council member, Wes Haskins.

The deadline for applications this year is Tuesday February 28th, 2023 at 5:00 pm.   For more information on how to apply and who qualifies visit

Pesticide Applicator Training - Extension Office. Jan 2023

Some pesticides are regulated and need certification to buy and use - even if you aren’t a commercial operator.  Now is the time to get certified or renew your existing one.

Need help with accurately selecting the right pesticide?  How and when do you apply pesticides to complete the job. How to do so safely? Micah Most at Johnson County Extension Office is here to help with expert and free advice on pesticides and a wide range of other issues too. 

For more info call 307 684 7522 or email

Superintendent Charles Auzqui, Jan 13th 2023

Charles Auzqui gives us a glimpse into the complex world of procuring and spending Federal Grants and why they are important.  School districts rely on Federal Grants to provide high-quality education to all students but obtaining them, and then staying within the regulations they come with is a highly skilled job with heavy penalties for failing to do so.  If you ever wondered what happens within the Admin Dept at JCSD#1 this gives you an inkling.     

Gun violence and random shootings are commonplace all across our nation and school safety is on everyone’s minds.  JCSD#1 is responding to this directly.    In the second of a 3-year program, this week JCSD#1 will be in intense training for all staff and students in a series of different events led by TAC-ONE.   For more information about TAC-ONE visit

Parents have received information from individual schools about Tac One training and any community member is invited to attend one of two presentations on Jan 16th & 17th. 

BHS Auditorium - Mon Jan 16th 5:30-6:30 pm and another opportunity on
Cloud Peak Elementary School Tues Jan 17th 5:30-6:30 pm.

TAC-ONE WOMEN'S SELF DEFENSE CLASS (free, limited to 30 participants).  Clear Creek Middle School gym 6:30-8:30 pm.  Call Heidi Sanchez at 307 684 9571 to sign up and for more details. 

The View from Cheyenne, Senator Kinskey, Jan 12 2023

307NetRadio will be providing weekly updates from our representatives in Cheyenne.  Just a few days into the session here Senator Dave Kinskey's report. 
He represents Johnson & Sheridan Counties.  Not only is he Senate Vice-President but also Chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee.  

In this short first interview, Senator Kinskey highlights the biggest issue on the table is what to do with the $4 billion surplus.   Spend it or save it?  Wyoming is familiar with boom-then-bust cycles? What can we learn from previous experience?   What should be done about funding for education?  What about swift action for property tax relief?   

Want to hear more?   Senator Dave Kinskey, Senate Vice-President 2023-24, and Chairman of the Appropriations Committee gave a preview of the upcoming legislative session at Buffalo City Council meeting.   Listen here 


Cemetery District Board Meeting, Jan 10th 2023

Open 0:00
(Annual Board Elections)

Public Comments 3:00

Approving Vouchers 8:00
Minutes of December Board Meeting 9:00
Financial Report 10:30
- Surety Bond Review 18:30

Sexton’s Report 20:30

Guest Presentations and Bids 1:15:00

Unfinished Business
-   Address Harness Request for storing markers &     vaults 1:15:15
-   Kaycee Heater Estimates 1:23:20
-   Camera System Estimates 1:28:00
-   Web Design Estimates 1:50:45
-   Cremation Garden Estimates 1:59:30

New Business 
Amendment Addressing Policy Changes 2:36:30

Close 2:55:55

JC School District Board Meeting, Jan 9th 2023

Regular Session 0:00
Roll Call 2:30
Public Comment 2:35
Staff Celebrations 2:45
Additions/Accept Agenda 12:00
Principal Reports 12:50
Superintendent Report 43:00
Director Reports 54:00
Curriculum & Learning Report 1:01:30
Special Services Report 1:15:00
Business Report 1:16:20
- Rec Board Report 1:24:20
- BOCES Report 1:24:40
- BOCHES Report 1:25:00
Leadership Governance 2.1 & 2.14 1:25:15

Consent Agenda 1:30:00
Action Items 1:40:40
Policy Revision - second reading
Policy Revision - first reading
COVID Leave Extension

Other Business 2:07:45
From the Board
February Work Session 
February Board Meeting 
Adjourn 2:12:30

Rural Healthcare District Board Meeting, Jan 9th, 2023

Approve Agenda  0:00
Review Vouchers 1:20
Mill Levy - Carla Bishop 7:00 
Resume review of vouchers 30:15
View and approve Minutes 37:30
View and approve Treasurer’s Report 38:15
Buffalo Director’s Report 58:40
Kaycee Director’s Report (Absent) 1:09:10

Old Business
Audit Process - appointment of Porter Muirhead 1:09:50
Medical Director for Buffalo EMS replacement - Dr Brian Darnell 1:15:20
Guidehouse Survey 1:21:30

New Business 
New Building Grants 1:29:00
New Fiscal Year Budget & Buffalo EMS Budget & Contract 1:33:10

Public Comment - none  1:46:25
Adjourn 1:44:45 

Senator Dave Kinskey at Buffalo City Council, Jan 3 2023

Senator Dave Kinskey, Senate Vice-President 2023-24, and Chairman of the Appropriations Committee gave a preview of the upcoming legislative session at Buffalo City Council meeting.    

The Senator drew attention to a broad range of issues.  But the big issues to note are property tax relief, and how to manage the $4 billion Legislative Reserve Account.

Buffalo City Council Meeting, Jan 3 2023

December 20, 2022 – Regular Meeting Minutes
Thanks to Wes Haskins and Dan Hart 1:30

Mayor – Shane Schrader 2:00
Council – Myra Camino 3:05 & Mike Madden 4:15

Vice Mayor – John Camino
City Attorney – Dennis Kirven
Police Chief – Sean Bissett
Clerk/Treasurer – Julie Silbernagel
Municipal Judge – Mary Hupy
Alternate Municipal Judge – Paul Jarvis
Fire Chief – Clarence Gammon III
Safety Director – Larry Joubert
Building Inspector – Terry Asay

Bar & Grill Liquor License – Rosie’s Cafe 9:30

Ordinance #1412 – 2nd Reading – An ordinance providing for the annexation of “Big Horn Cooperative Marketing Association, a Wyoming nonprofit corporation” to the Town of the City of Buffalo, Wyoming. 

-  Bar & Grill Liquor License Application – J Johnso Corp d/b/a Rosie’s Café – Bar & Grill license located at 42 S Main Street
-  Designate Official Newspaper – Buffalo Bulletin 27:00
-  Designate Official Depositories 27:20
o   ANB Bank
o   The Bank of Buffalo
o   First Interstate Bank of Commerce
o   FNB Bank
o   WYO-STAR Investment Pool
o   Moreton Asset Management
o   Wyoming CLASS
o   Peaks Investments

Financial Disclosure Letters 27:50

Mayor’s Board Appointments 28:10
o   Travis Lawrence, Buffalo Charitable Foundation – Three (3) year term
o   Keith Neustel, Planning & Zoning Board – Three (3) year term
o   Travis Lawrence, Buffalo Pool Board – Two (2) year term
o   Bill Ostheimer, Buffalo-Johnson Recycling Center JPB – Three (3) year term
o   Rick Durfee, Mtn Plains Heritage Park JPB – Two (2) year term

N WY Insurance – Property & Auto Renewal 28:40

Senator Dave Kinskey, Senate District 22 – legislative update 29:50

-  Dennis Kirven, City Attorney 54:25
-  Terry Asay, Building Inspector 55:45
-   Sean Bissett, Police Chief 57:00
-  Les Hook, Public Works Director 1:00:25

ORAL/WRITTEN COMMENTS-none 1:02:20                               
City Council mtg – Jan 17 @ 5 p.m. 
Planning & Zoning Board mtg – Jan 24 @ 1 p.m.
1% Application deadline – Feb 28 @ 5 p.m.



ADJOURN 1:05:20

County Commissioners Meeting, Jan 3rd 2023

Call to Order 0:00
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of December 6, 2022 Minutes 0:25
General County Business

January Motions:

  1. Election of Officers 0:55
  2. Pecuniary Form 2:20
  3. Approval of Depositories 3:40
  4. IRS Mileage Rates 4:15
  5. Commissioner Board Assignments 7:45

Board & Commission Appointment
1. Airport Board 
2. Buffalo Trails Board 9:05
3. Fair Board 10:00
4. Johnson County Lodging and Tax 14:30
5. Mountain Plains Heritage Park 14:50
6. One Percent Board 15:15
7. Planning and Zoning Commission 16:00
8. Predator Control Board 17:05
9. Recycling Board 18:15
10. Solid Waste 18:50
11. Weed and Pest 20:00

Boundary Line Adjustment - not discussed. Incomplete application 21:40

Tourism Board Bylaw Amendment 22:00
Budget Amendment 44:30
Waive Hiring Freeze Library, Assessor, Clerk 49:10
Ratify Hazelton Peak Parking Area Contract 54:05
Catering Permit: Taylor's Invasion Bar 56:00
Cowboy Saloon Liquor License 57:20
Vouchers 58:20
Public Comment - none 1:03:10
Planning & Zoning Work Session 1:05:00
Reappointment of Fire Warden and Deputy 1:05:30
Opioid Settlement Advisement 1:06:00
Emergency Management - Hazardous Weather Plan 1:07:50
Close 1:08:45

City of Buffalo Dept Head Meeting Jan 3rd 2023

  1. Property & Auto Insurance Renewal 0:00
  2. Proposed changes to city code regarding alcoholic beverages 1:15
  3. Department & Board Liaison Update and Council Items 20:30

    Close 26:15
    Next Dept Head Meeting Tues Jan 7th, 2023

JC Hospital Board Meeting, Dec 28th, 2022


I.  Review and approve the prior month’s Board meeting minutes 0:00
II.            Elect Officers 0:40
III.           Chief of Staff Report 3:30
IV.           Leadership Reports (in Board Packets)  4:55 
V.            CEO Report 28:00
VI.          JCHC Financial Performance 45:00
VII.          Bank Signature Card Changes 50:00
VIII.         Capital Item Approval 50:30
IX.           Contract Approval 
a.  inReach Health  51:30
b.  Casey Peterson 1:11:30
c. NHA Connectivity Consortium 1:29:30
IX.           Adjournment 1:35:45


Buffalo City Council Meeting, December 20th, 2022

·       December 6, 2022 – Regular Meeting Minutes

·       Big Horn Cooperative Marketing Annexation


·       Ordinance #1412 – 1st Rdg – An ordinance providing for the annexation of the “Big Horn Cooperative Marketing Association, a Wyoming nonprofit corporation” to the Town of the City of Buffalo, Wyoming.

·       Brett McCoy - Request to connect to city water supply outside city limits @ 46 Wilson Road 2:20

·       Resolution #1461 – A resolution authorizing submission of an application to the State Loan and Investment Board for a grant through Local Government Project ARPA Grant Program funding on behalf of the Governing Body for the Town of the City of Buffalo for the purpose of the replacement of the water distribution line and the sanitary sewer line on Sunset Avenue from Park Lane to Cedar Street. 3:20

·       Resolution #1462 – A resolution authorizing submission of an application to the State Loan and Investment Board for a grant through Local Government Project ARPA Grant Program funding on behalf of the Governing Body for the Town of the City of Buffalo for the purpose of the replacement of remote read water meters and reading system throughout the town. 5:00

·       Resolution #1463 – A resolution authorizing submission of an application to the State Loan and Investment Board for a grant through Local Government Project ARPA Grant Program funding on behalf of the Governing Body for the Town of the City of Buffalo for the purpose of the replacement of the water transmission line on Buffalo Main Street from Fort Street to Hart Street. 6:00

City Attorney
Building Inspector 7:15
Police Chief 8:00
Public Works Foreman 12:00

ORAL/WRITTEN COMMENTS    12:45                                                         
Department Head mtg – Jan 3 @ 7 a.m.
City/County mtg – Jan 17 @ 7 a.m.
City Council mtgs – Jan 3 & 17 @ 5 p.m.
City offices closed afternoon of Dec 23, Dec 26, & Jan 2


ADJOURN  14:15

City County Meeting. Dec 19th 2022

1. Main St Alley Project update 0:00
2. Johnson County Tourism Association 10:40
3. 2023 Legislature General Session 33:10
4. Updates 56:30

BHS Students & Superintendent Charles Auzqui. Dec 2022

BHS students ask Superintendent Charles Auzqui about athletic programs.   They wanted to know about funding for sports, how JCSD#1 chooses how to spend that money and the problems in making the funding model work.    Of course, participating in sports involves more than practice and game time.  Transportation, coaching, and scheduling are significant factors as well and Mr Auzqui details some of the intricacies and challenges.   

Our conversation turned to why athletics and extracurricular activities are important and the benefits to students.  

Having just come off two days when school was impacted by severe winter weather, we switched gears. Students were curious about snow days and the policy or protocol JCSD#1 follows when deciding whether to call a virtual learning day or a late start.  

Watch out for more conversation between Mr Auzqui & students!   


JCSD#1 Board Special Meeting. Dec 19th 2022

Not Feeling The Joy? VOA is here to help.

Struggling with the holidays?  They aren’t always picture-perfect.  

It’s ok to need support.  VOA recently merged with Northern Wyoming Mental Health.  They offer many support services from counseling to substance abuse treatment and much more. 

Listen to Tyler Broderick and Kelly Buckingham explain what is on offer and what to expect. 

Money a worry?   VOA will make it work for you financially as well as connect you to other services that can lighten the load.  

Not sure how to talk about suicide to someone who is struggling? Tyler Broderick gives very practical advice on how to tackle those difficult conversations.   

Worried about confidentiality?  VOA also offers Telehealth options so you can get services without having to go to the center in person.

You don’t have to be “in crisis” to benefit from VOA services.  But if you need an appointment right away there is always same-day availability at the center.

Call 307-684-5531 for the Buffalo office. 

For more information click here

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline open 24/7.  Free, confidential support for people in distress.   You can call or Chat with trained professionals anytime.

All Under One Roof! Bomber Mountain Civic Center

Who knew so many entities are thriving under one roof?  Facility Coordinator Claudia Todd has been steadily transforming the space for the past 6 years.  It might not be the prettiest of spaces but it has undergone clean up and function is the name of the game in this structurally sound, albeit, old building, owned by JoCo1st.  

It’s home to many diverse groups all of which benefit the community; commercial, educational, recreational, and small business opportunities.  

Heads up all culinary enthusiasts! - there are commercial kitchens available for use.   Perfect for one-off events or classes.

If you have a small business that is looking for a temporary or permanent home at an affordable price listen and find out more t

Contact Claudia Todd at 307 620 2458

There are also calendars of public and BMCC events.  Click here


JC School District Board Meeting, Dec 12th 2022

Regular Session 0:00
Roll Call 1:00
Public Comment
Additions/Accept Agenda 9:00
Board Officer Elections 9:20
Audit Review 15:00
General Reports
JCSD#1 Student Video 47:40
BHS School Improvement Plan 51:50 
Principal Reports 1:24:30
Director Reports 1:29:30
Superintendent Report 1:38:00
Curriculum & Learning Report 1:39:30
Special Services Report 1:39:45
Business Report 1:41:45
- Rec Board Report
- BOCES Report
- BOCHES Report 
Leadership Governance 1.1-1.6 1:47:20

Consent Agenda 1:51:15
Action Items 1:53:15
Policy Revision - second reading
Policy Revision - first reading
Early Graduation 2:09:00
District Annual audit 2:10:45
Board Meeting Schedule 2:11:00
Board Committees 2:12:30
Recreation Board Appointment 2:35:00
Contract Services Extended 2:35:30
Safe Return to School Plan 2:37:45
ARP Implementation Plan 2:39:00
Executive Session 2:40:30
Personnel & Legal W>S> 16-4-405-(a)(ii)(iii)

Not Recorded:
Other Business 
- From the Board
- January Board Meeting
- January Work Session 

Rural Healthcare District Board Meeting, Nov 15th 2022

Open 0:00
Approve Agenda 0:25
Review Vouchers 5:45
Approve Minutes
-  Special Meeting Minutes 39:55
-  General Meeting Minutes 41:20
Firewalls in Buffalo & Kaycee 41:30

Treasurer’s Report 48:00
Buffalo Director’s Report 52:20
Kaycee Director’s Report 1:01:50

Old Business
RFP - Contract for Architect - tabled
Payroll Tax - Contract Amendment 1:03:50
Title 25 Patients Agreement with Commissioners - tabled
Employee Handbook 1:14:10
Past Records 1:24:50
Audit 2021-22 1:28:50
Firewall+ Printer 1:37:45
Liability Insurance 1:49:50
New Medical Director 1:51:50

New Business
Election of Officers 2:06:55
- Chair - Britni Camino
- Treasurer - Mark Schueler
-  Secretary - Marie Miller 

Meeting Dates for 2023 2:13:30
Budget Hearing Mid-Year Adjustment 2:22:00
Public Comment - none

Not Recorded:
Executive Session

All Under One Roof! Bomber Mountain Civic Center

Who knew so many entities are thriving under one roof?  Facility Coordinator Claudia Todd has been steadily transforming the space for the past 6 years.  It might not be the prettiest of spaces but it has undergone clean up and function is the name of the game in this structurally sound, albeit, old building, owned by JoCo1st.  

It’s home to many diverse groups all of which benefit the community; commercial, educational, recreational, and small business opportunities.  

Heads up all culinary enthusiasts! - there are commercial kitchens available for use.   Perfect for one-off events or classes.

If you have a small business that is looking for a temporary or permanent home at an affordable price listen and find out more t

Contact Claudia Todd at 307 620 2458

There are also calendars of public and BMCC events.  Click here


Friends Feeding Friends - No kid needs to go hungry

Many folks are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet and sometimes simply having enough food is a challenge, and the holiday season can be even tougher.  307NetRadio spent time with Sharon Miller and Breann Waller of the local organization Friends Feeding Friends who are passionate about making sure no kid in Johnson County goes hungry.  

We talked about why an organization donating large quantities of free food is needed in Johnson County and just how they do it and tackle the challenge of skyrocketing prices. 

Find out who is eligible, how it works, and what’s coming up next for this program that many have come to rely upon.   If you or someone you know is finding it tough to put food on the table or you want to support this important program take a listen and find out more.

For more information go to



County Commissioners select County Clerk, Dec 6th, 2022

County Clerk Appointment(1)

In the final step of the required process to appoint a County Clerk following the resignation of Kate Harriet who resigned thefrom  position citing health concerns County Commissioner Novotny, Perry and Greenough interviewed in executive session the three candidates forwarded from the JC Republican Party.    Candidates were Jackie Camino, Darci Goni and Jody Telkamp.   

The appointment was awarded to Jackie Camino who will serve a 2-year term beginning January 2023. 


Buffalo City Council Meeting, December 6th, 2022

Buffalo Council 12-06-22

Call to order 0:00
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of Agenda 0:30
Approval of Minutes (November 15, 2022 – Regular Meeting Minutes) 0:50

Ratify Buffalo FFA Light Up Buffalo Event  1:15
o   Use of Prosinski Park – Dec 3
o   Variance to City Code 16-12 Fireworks
o   Variance to City Code 16-26.1 Noise

·       Claudia Todd, JOCO First – Bomber Mtn Civic Center Update 2:20
·       Jennifer McCormick, Longmire Foundation – 2022 Update 16:00
·       Authority to Render Services (ARS) Cooperative Agreement WYDOT & City of Buffalo            Main Street 2024  18:15
·       Context Sensitive Amenities (CSA) Cooperative Agreement – WYDOT & City of Buffalo          Main Street 2024 19:40
·       Permit for Construction Debris Removal – A.C.E.D. Inc d/b/a Jobsite Services 22:00
·       Main Street Alleys – bid results 22:40
·       Caturia Subdivision – request for release of remaining escrow funds Caturia Addition              Phase I 24:40

-  City Attorney 26:00
-  Building Inspector 26:10
-  Police Chief 27:25
-  Larry Joubert, Public Works Foreman 28:30

ORAL/WRITTEN COMMENTS     29:00                                                        

- City employee holiday party – Dec 18
- City/County mtg – Dec 20 @ 7 a.m.
- City Council mtg – Dec 20 @ 5 p.m.
- City offices closed afternoon of Dec 23, Dec 26 & Jan 2

ADJOURN  30:00

Buffalo City Dept Head Meeting, Dec 6th 2022

Intro 0:00
WYDOT 2024 Main Street Project 0:10
Trails Board - letter of support for Wyoming Conservation Corp Grant 13:35
Municipal Water Supply Meeting Update 14:30
Department Head Items 21:05
Board Liaison Updates 
Council Items 

-   City Employee Holiday Party - Dec 18
-   Next Dept Head Meeting - Jan 3
-   Planning & Zoning Meeting - Dec 27 Cancelled


Superintendent Charles Auzqui, Dec 8th 2022

JCSD#1 is encouraging “Parent Engagement”.  Charles Auzqui explains what is meant by that,  what it means in practice, and the value to students, paren and teachers.

There is a lot of work being done on 'School Improvement Plans'.  Charles introduces what this is about and the goals.  307NetRadio will be featuring much more information on this as these plans develop and are put into action. 

We also talked about upcoming TacOne Active Shooter training.  Watch out for community meetings in the New Year.  


Superintendent Charles Auzqui, Dec 2nd, 2022

A quick reminder that the school holidays are fast approaching.  Unless there is an unexpected snow day, Tues December 20 will be a full school day, staff return Mon 2 Jan 2023, and students on Tues 3 Jan.   

Charles Auzqui addressed the current Federal Audit/Investigation which dates back to 2020 and maybe further looking into failures in financial systems and procedures.   The investigation is serious and could have far-reaching consequences; such as returning money or disqualification for future funding.   JCSD#1 has hired legal representatives, Holland & Hart to advise and represent its interests.   

Whilst any investigation of this nature is concerning, Charles made it clear that he welcomes this opportunity to continue his initiatives to improve processes and identify areas of weakness and will comply fully with the investigators. 

We again discuss the importance of Professional Development in the ‘art and science’ of teaching and what JCSD#1 is doing to constantly improve techniques and programs.  

Finishing up on a celebratory note, we talked about the recent  Milken Educator Award to Meadowlark Kindergarten teacher, Jessica Kavitz.  This is a significant honor bestowed on a small number of teachers nationally who demonstrate exceptional talent and are models of excellence for the teaching profession that extends way beyond the classroom. 

For more information about the award visit

JC Republican Party Meeting for County Clerk Candidates, Dec 1st, 2022

In accordance with Wyoming statute, the Johnson County Republican Party met to select 3 candidates whose names will be forwarded to County Commissioners for their consideration. The successful candidate will serve a 2-year term from Jan 2023 - Jan 2024.   

Chairmen Robert Garrison led the proceedings which included five candidates: 
Jackie Camino, Isabella Dewald, Shann Edwards, Darci Goni and Jody Telkamp.   

Each applicant was asked the same 5 questions and given up to two minutes to answer after a period of introductions.   The applicants were sequestered so they could not hear other candidates answers.  

Candidates names were drawn out of a hat to determine the order in which they would present. 

Commissioners Bill Novotny and Linda Greenough who were also eligible to cast votes at this session recused themselves.   

Introduction 0:00
Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Chairman’s Introduction 1:55
Roll Call 3:00
Agenda, Rules, Appointment of Tellers 

Announcement of Candidates 20:20

Introductory Statements: (up to 4 mins)
-  Isabella Dewald. 27:20
-  Jody Telkamp 30:30
-  Darci Goni 35:05
-  Shann Edwards 39:40
-  Jackie Camino 43:50

Recess 48:15 - 57:55

Question Period (up to 2 mins) 
1. What do you think is the most important aspect of the Clerk’s job?
2. You did / did not run for Clerk in the regular election process.  Why are you running now?
What did you learn from that experience? 
3. How would you handle a disgruntled customer and conflicts with staff?
4. Based on your previous experience, how much training would you foresee needing? 
5.    Will you purge the voting rolls of people who are deceased or have moved out of the     area?

-  Isabella Dewald 59:40
-  Jody Telkamp 1:07:50
-  Darci Goni 1:13:30
-  Shann Edwards 1:20:35
-  Jackie Camino. 1:25:35

 Voting Instructions 1:38:50

Results Announcement 1:52:05
-  Isabella Dewald 4
-  Shann Edwards  9
-  Jody Telkamp 19
-  Goni 21
-  Camino 21 


The Commissioners will meet at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, 6 Dec, 2022 at the Commissioner’s Office, 76 N Main St, Buffalo, WY to select the new County Clerk.  


JC Hospital Board Meeting, Nov 30th, 2022

I.        Review and approve the prior month’s Board meeting minutes 0:00
II.       Chief of Staff Report 0:30 
III.      Leadership Reports 1:45
IV.      CEO Report 18:15
V.       Credentialing Report/Approval 41:15
VI.      JCHC Financial Performance 45:00
VII.      Bank Signature Card Changes 1:05:0
VIII.     Community Health Needs Assessment 1:06:00
IX.       Construction Loan Approval 1:16:20
X.        Tom Berry send-off & thanks 1:29:30


Megan Welles - The Horsewell Massager

307NetRadio caught up with Megan Welles of Horsewell, the inventor of the Horsewell Massager - an at-home therapeutic massaging tool for your horse.  

Listen to Megan Welles explain how this innovative and affordable tool came about and how easy it is to use for long-lasting benefits. 

As an Impact 307 Start-Up Challenge winner Megan is all set to bring this to market.  Find out more about this smart new tool.

To see more about the Horsewell Massager  click here 
Horsewell Massager | Presentation Demo     

Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief, Dec 1st & 2nd, 2022

Buffalo High School Theater Dept Presents THE LIGHTING THIEF - THE PERCY JACKSON MUSICAL.    Karen Blaney tells 307NetRadio about this production, the theater program at BHS, and more. 

You won't want to miss this opportunity for a family-friendly live theater experience at BHS Auditorium,  Dec 1st & 2nd at 7:00 pm.  Even better - entrance is free! 


Superintendent Charles Auzqui, Nov 22nd, 2022

Full of Thanksgiving spirit and an ‘attitude of gratitude’ 307NetRadio talked to Superintendent Charles Auzqui.    We talked about the value of training and collaborations through the Wyoming School Boards Association.

JCSD#1 is already planning Professional Development for next summer which includes professional growth and better teacher & principal evaluation systems.  

Worried about school shootings?  JCSD#1 is addressing that in very practical terms.  Tack One training will be coming back for the second year of three, building on previous active shooter training plus procedures for emergencies.  This is a new partnership with local law enforcement and JCSD#1.  Watch out for more information and a community invitation to find out more. 

Professional Development continues to be a focus.  Charles describes how this will be expanded in practice for maximum results.   

School buildings need regular upkeep and maintenance.  There is a new Facilities Review Report.  The first step in a 5-10 year planned and budgeted approach to maintenance and upkeep. JCSD#1 is looking at $20m worth of projects for basics like roofs, and HVAC systems.  A planned approach is vital for reaching a balanced budget by 2025.  

We wrapped up with an overview of the Winter Season and talked about the monthly student video. Click here for October’s Student Video:

And, of course, we ended in an ‘attitude of gratitude’.

OCR and the Semi-Automatic Fly Fishing Reel

307NetRadio caught up with OCR, the Buffalo-based team behind a groundbreaking new semi-automatic fly fishing reel.

Listen to Zac Sexton, Brad Williams and Rodney Fought explain why it is such an amazing new product invented and prototyped here in Johnson County, how it is being tested and refined by the world’s best fly fishermen, and their recent 307Impact Start-Up Challenge win.  And yes, it makes even novice fly-fishing adventures better too.  

For more information about the Start-Up Challenge
click here

Revitalising the Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is active after a difficult period of inactivity.
307NetRadio met with President Jennifer Romanoski and new Membership Coordinator Pam Day to find out more. 

We talked about funding, the beleaguered past, what’s coming next, and rebuilding public confidence.   

Don’t miss out on the Christmas Button campaign or the Christmas Parade on Sat Dec 3rd at 6:00 pm.

Find out more at  

and here for an application form

This year’s theme is ‘Country Christmas’

Managing County Population Growth - Jim Waller, County Planner, Nov 2022

It's clear our county is growing in population.  “Growth”  presents challenges we can’t avoid.    How do we manage, what most think is, an inevitable increase in our population size?  What is the impact on services and the places we live and how they look?   Should we regulate or is that not the ‘Wyoming way’?  

Jim Waller, County Planning Director, describes what he refers to as “The Second Homesteading” and explores the issues, opportunities, and challenges this could bring to our community.   

Before we talked about the challenges of growth in general, Jim Waller gave a definitive update on two possible sub-divisions close to Buffalo on the north end of Buffalo and along Trabing Road.    

You won’t want to miss this conversation.   

County Planning Board is seeking public input for the development of a County Plan.   Join the Work Session Tuesday, Dec 6th, 2022 @ County Planning Office, 26 n De Smet Ave, Buffalo.  

BHS PIT Crew Meeting Nov 15th, 2022

PIT stands for 'Parents In Touch'. 

It can be difficult to get to meetings but if you are a BHS parent these sessions are highly recommended.  Whilst 307NetRadio can help you stay up to date on what you may have missed, there is nothing like attending in person.  You will get to interact with BHS teachers and staff on a different level.  They talk passionately about what they do, how they do it and reveal just how much there is going on at BHS for students of all interests and abilities.  Lots of opportunities to ask questions and find out about programs you were unaware of.  

Mrs Hetland is the new Spanish teacher at BHS.  She explained her teaching technique for engaging students and helping them progress.  Mrs Hetland engaged us in a quick class to demonstrate what she was describing.  

Mr Miller described the multitude of Ag related classes available to BHS students including Welding, General Ag, AG Construction, Entrepreneurship and Mechanical orientation. as well as animal husbandry.   

District Librarian Leigh Ann Schimmel walked us through the steps to connect with digital library options and how to navigate through them.  You may be surprised how much is available through the JCSD website.

You can connect with any BHS staff members through this link:

JC Cemetery District Board Meeting, Nov 15th 2022

Public comments. (None) 0:00
Vouchers 2:00
Minutes of October board meeting 3:30
Financial Report 4:20
The Following items were tabled for November 2022 Board meeting when new Board members will be in position. 

Rolling Calendar
Wyostar account review
-  Oath of Office for newly elected officers

Sextons Report

Guest Presentations and Bids
-  Web design estimates
-  Camera system estimates
-  Cremation garden estimates

Old Business
 -  Deer fencing
 -  Resurfacing Adams addition

New Business
-   Reassessing Saturday Burial Fee
-   Insurance consideration

 Burial Request Form Update 19:30

Close 22:40


Buffalo City Council Meeting, Nov 15th 2022

APPROVAL OF MINUTE - November 1, 2022 – Regular Meeting Minutes

-   Liquor License Renewals


-   2023 Liquor License Renewals 1:00
-  Claudia Todd, JOCO First – Bomber Mtn Civic Center update 1:45
-  Buffalo Athletic Club – contract renewal 7:30
-  Cheyann Pehringer, Buffalo Children’s Center – Request for reallocation of 1% funds 8:00

-  City Attorney 10:00
-  Building Inspector  10:30
-  Police Chief 11:00
-  Public Works Director 12:00
-  Written Report - Nelson Engineering

ORAL/WRITTEN COMMENTS                                                             


  • Buffalo Main Street Public Mtg – Nov 17 @ 5 p.m. Johnson County Library
  • Planning & Zoning Board mtg – Nov 22 @ 1 p.m.
  • Dept Head mtg – Dec 6 @ 7 a.m.
  • City/County mtg – Dec 20 @ 7 a.m.
  • City Council mtg – Dec 6 & 20 @ 5 p.m.
  • City offices closed Nov 24 & 25



JC School District Board Meeting, Nov 14th 2022

Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call 0.00
Oath Of Office - New/returning members 2:00
Public Comment 5:00
Additions/Accept Agenda 
- JCSD#1 Student Video 6:00
- Principal Reports 10:00
- Director Reports 43:00
- Superintendent Report 53:00
- Curriculum & Learning Report 55:00
- Special Services Report 56:00
- Business Report 58:00
- Recreation Board Report 1:10:00
- BOCES Report 114:00
- BOCHES Report 1:16:00 
- Leadership Governance 2.6 Instruction 1:17:30

Personnel W>W> 16-4-405-(a)(iii)

- Minutes 1:23:30
- Warrants
- Employment
- Additional isolation Requests
- Policy Revision - 1st Reading 52:20
- School Improvement Plans 1:31:00
- Superintendent Contract 1:45:30
-  Independent Third Party 1:48:30

- From the Board  1:49:00
-  WSBA Resolutions 1:52:00
-  Micro Purchase Procurement Information 2:05:00
December  Board Meeting 2:10:30
December  Work Session 2:11:00
ADJOURN 2:12:00


Rural Healthcare District Board Meeting, Nov 15th 2022

Approve Agenda 0:00
Review Vouchers 1:00
Approval of Oct Meeting Minutes 20:45
Treasurer’s Report 22:35
Buffalo Director’s Report  26:30
Kaycee Director’s Report. 38:00

Old Business 38:20
-    Digiteks Firewall Hardware 39:3
-    RFP Contract for Architect - tabled
-    Portable Nitrous Oxide Unit  45:
-    Payroll Tax re: Wy Dept. of Health payment for EMTs 57:25
-    Ambulance Licenses 1:06:05
-    Employment Handbook & Policy Manual 1:09:25

New Business. 1:10:15
-  Employee Structure for Kaycee 1:11:45
-  Past Records (before fiscal year 2021-22) 1:25:40

Public Comment (None) 1:28:05


Next Board Meeting: Dec 12, 2022 5:00 pm Ambulance Barn, Kaycee 

County Commissioners Meeting, Nov 15th, 2022

Call to Order, Pledge, Approval of Nov 1st, 2022 Minutes 0:00
Resolution 692 - Numerical correction  2:25
Board Appointments  - Login Tax and Solid Waste Boards 3:25
CMAQ Reimbursement Request 4:55
JC Library Request to Waive Hiring Freeze - Resignation of Director Steve Rzasa 13:30
Resolution 693 - Holiday Schedule 2023 28:40
Certify Mineral Ad Valorem Legal Expenses 31:40
BLM Memorandum of Understanding - Greater Sage Grouse Plan 32:45
Yoder Minor Subdivision Approval 34:30
Wyoming Game & Fish - Ellis Land Sale 1:15:55
Public Comment (none) 1:14:45
Executive Session 1:15:55


Rural Healthcare District Board Special Meeting November 3rd, 2022


Rural Healthcare District Board held a Special Meeting to discuss the financial award of money being dispersed by the Wyoming Hospital Association on behalf of the Wyoming Department of Health.

Money has been awarded to Kaycee Ambulance Service and Buffalo EMS for EMTs.   

The Board discussed the amount awarded, the terms and conditions  and issues resulting from additional payroll taxes.  

Superintendent Charles Auzqui, October 7th 2022

A day-long training for staff included all staff training on drugs focusing what they could be looking at and how to respond as well as how to recalibrate after the far-reaching impact of the Covid pandemic and the very real stress of hard economic times.  

JSCD#1 is stepping up it’s efforts to have great partnerships with parents.   Charles encourages all parents to get involved through Parent Teacher Organizations and to watch for more details.  

Conversation turned to the continued development of Professional Learning Communities, teacher assessment models and accountability.     

We wrapped up with and update on progress for a Building Maintenance plan.

Buffalo City Council Meeting, November 1st, 2022

Call to Order, Pledge, Approval of Agenda & Minutes 0:00
Councilman Hart - Oct 18, 2022 council meeting absence 1:00
Proclamation - Operation Green Light 1:20
Chamber of Commerce, Jennifer Romanoski Dec 3 street closure - Parade 7:15
JC Arts & Humanities Council, Bonnie Klasinski, Art & Music Festival + street dance July 29,2023. 12:15

-    City Attorney 15:15
-    Building Inspector 
-    Police Chief 15:30
-    Public Works Director 17:50


Announcements 18:50
-   Planning & Zoning Meeting Nov 22@ 1:00pm
-   City/County Meeting - Nov 15 @ 7:00am 
-   City Council Meeting Nov 15 @ 5:00 pm
-   City Hall Closed Nov 11 - Veteran's Da
-   Daylight Savings Time Ends Nov 6
-   Don't forget to vote Nov 8

Approval of Bills 19:15
Adjourn 19:25

County Commissioners Meeting, November 11th, 2022

Call to Order, Pledge, Approval of Oct 18, 2022 Minutes 0:00
Budget Amendment Resolution 691 Cyber Security Audit 0:45
Bomber Mountain Update 3:50
Operation Green Light for Veteran’s Resolution 686
Homeland Security Grants 25:55
Voucher 31:50
Public Comment (none)
Executive Session  33:15


Buffalo City Dept Head Meeting,November 11th 2022


Main Street Alley Bid Process 0:00
Sidewalk Study with County 1:15
Infrastructure Grant Awards 2:45
Alternative Water Source Committee 7:20
Memorial Beach - baseball 9:30
Christmas Party 12:05
Department Head Items +
Board Liaison Updates 16:50
Close 42:00

Buffalo City Council Meeting, October 18th 2022

Very short meeting so no need for time stamps! 


Call to Order, Pledge, Approval of Agenda & Minute 0:00
-    Request for use of trail system for Haunted Hike
-    Lease Agreement :  Buffalo Golf Club Liquor License

-    City Attorney 
-    Building Inspector 
-    Police Chief
-    Public Works Director 


-   Planning & Zoning Meeting Oct 25 @ 1:00pm
-   Dept Heath Meeting Nov 1 @ 7:00 am 
-   City County Meeting Nov 15 @ 7:00 am
-   City Hall Closed Nov 1 & 15 @ 5:00 pm 

Approval of Bills 

JC Cemetery District Board Meeting, October 10th 2022

Open 0:00
Public Comments
- Sheridan Funeral Home - burial complaint) 0:22
- Dismissal of Deputy Sexton 3:30
Resignation of John Ehlers 13:00
Appointment of John Zorbas as Treasurer 13:45
Appointment of Dave Moate as Vice President 15:20
Appointment of Dave Moate to Two Year Term 16:35
Minutes of September meeting 21:10
Vouchers 20:15
Financial Report 21:10
Rolling Calendar 40:30
Sexton’s Report 40:40
-  Sheridan Funeral Home Complaint 1:01:40
Old Business 
-  Cremation Garden Update 1:22:30
New Business
- Update Chanda Rule bookkeeping contract 1:22:30


JC School District Board Meeting, October 10th 2022


Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call 0.00
Public Comment 
Additions/Accept Agenda 
- JCSD#1 Student Video
- Principal Reports 10:00
- Director Reports 36:30
- Superintendent Report 49:45
- Curriculum & Learning Report 56:30
- Special Services Report 1:03:00
- Business Report 1:05:25
- Recreation Board Report 1:06:00
- BOCES Report 1:06:20
- BOCHES Report 1:06:35  
- Leadership Governance 2.6 Instruction 1:07:00
- Minutes 
- Warrants
- Employment
- Isolation Requests
- Policy Revision - 2nd Reading 52:20
- Policy Revision - 2nd Reading 53:00
- Classified Sub Pay 1:46:00
- From the Board  - Activty Mtg Update 
-  Transportation Discussion 1:57:00
-  November Board Meeting 2:19:30
-  November Work Session 2:21:00
Student Issue W.S. 16-4-405 (a)(ix)

Dr. Jennifer Rice, Breast Cancer Awareness, October 6th 2022

Dr Jennifer Rice shares some startling statistics about Breast Cancer.   Women know we need to get regularly checked out but we often put it off.   Dr Rice explains the importance of early detection, the benefits of a new screening machine at JCHC and encourages women to come to a free clinic at JCHC.