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JC Hospital Board Meeting. Aug 23 2023

August 24, 2023

Review and approve July Board meeting minutes 0:00 Leadership Reports 1:10CEO Report 13:00Chief of Staff Report 27:50 Financial Report 33:50Approve 2022 Audit 42:45Approval of Credentialing 49:45Executive Session 55:25Adjourn

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“Mind Matters.” Addressing Alzheimer’s Disease. Aug 2023

August 22, 2023

Alzheimer’s, often referred to as the “silent epidemic,” is a neurodegenerative disorder that not only affects individuals but also their families and caregivers. The older we get, the more likely we are to develop Alzheimer’s Disease.  Johnson County has a…

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SCAM ALERT. Johnson County Sheriff. Aug 2023

August 4, 2023

Scamming is nothing new in Johnson County.  However, the Sheriff’s Office and Buffalo Police Department want you to know about a recent uptick in scam phone calls trying to extort the public out of thousands of dollars.   This one fakes the vehicle…

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JC Hospital Board Meeting. July 26 2023

July 30, 2023

Review & Approve prior Board meeting minutes  0:00Chief of Staff Report 0:35Leadership Reports 2:15CEO Report 14:30Approval of Credentialing 34:00JCHC Financial Performance 37:45FY 2022 Audit Review 51:30 Executive Session – Personnel Adjourn

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Human Trafficking? In Wyoming? July 2023

July 14, 2023

Human trafficking has become a hot topic lately.   It’s been the subject of numerous documentaries, and even a new movie that delves into this pressing issue. It’s definitely a conversation starter, as more and more people are becoming aware…

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Pump Up The Volume! July 2023

July 12, 2023

Maybe you know already that people enjoy listening to loud music it has direct connections to pleasure centers in the brain? It releases endorphins when stimulated by loud music, so listening to loud music is essentially self-medicating and makes us…

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Rural Healthcare District Board Meeting. July 12 2023

July 11, 2023

Budget Hearing 0:00Regular Meeting Called to Order 8:31Approve Agenda 9:30Approval of Audit 9:40Vouchers 1:00Approved Minutes of General Meeting 1:17:30Approve Minutes of Special Meeting 1:17:45Treasurer’s Report  1:18:00Buffalo Director’s Report 1:21:45Kaycee Director’s Report 1:26:00CMS Report 1:37– Motion to Pay Crosby Taylor 1:47:40RFP New Building 1:48:10Employees Handbook 1:48:45Ambulance Purchase Adjourn 2:02.30

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JC Hospital Board Meeting. June 28 2023

June 29, 2023

Public Budget Hearing 0:00Regular Board Meeting Chief of Staff Report 12:00Review and approve May 2023 Meeting Minutes 16:00Leadership Reports 16:30CEO Report 22:00Approval of Credentialing 51:30PRN Mid-Level Coverage 53:30Psych Nurse Practitioner 59:45JCHC Financial Performance 1:07:45Approve Parking Lot Construction Pricing 1:14:00Executive Session Adjourn 

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Helpful Conversations – The Power of Sharing. New Support Groups at VOA. June 2023

June 26, 2023

Life can be tough, even for the toughest among us.   Sometimes we just need to learn some new ways of looking at things.   There is confidential help and support available.   Kadelyn Burd and Tyler Broderick of Volunteers…

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JC Hospital Board Meeting

June 7, 2023

AGENDA Review and approve the prior month’s Board meeting minutes 0:00Chief of Staff Report 0:30Leadership Reports 3:55CEO Report 13:20Approval of Credentialing 39:40JCHC Financial Performance 44:05Review FY2024 Preliminary Budgeta. Approval of AHCC price increaseb. Approval of FY2024 mill levy requestExecutive SessionAdjourn

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