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Rural Healthcare District Board Meeting. Aug 14 2023

By 307NetRadio | August 16, 2023

Call to Order 0:00Approve AgendaReview VouchersApprove Minutes General Meeting 18:00Approve Minutes Budget Hearing Approve Treasurer’s Report 18:25 Kaycee Director’s Report 25:20RFP New Building 26:30 + 38:00Buffalo Director’s Report 32:10RFP New Building 38:00 (resumed) CMS Reporting 45:30Audit 22-23 49:00New Ambulance Quotes 57:00Review Rates 1:09:50Public Comment (none) 1:12:15 Adjourn 1:12:20

City/County Meeting. Aug 15 2023

By 307NetRadio | August 15, 2023

Download JoCo 1st :  Bomber Mountain Fire Alarm System 0:00 Affordable Housing Discussion 29:55 Round Table Discussion 35:10  Next Meeting September 19, 2023

JCSD#1 School Bus Driver Shortage. Aug 14 2023

By 307NetRadio | August 15, 2023

School buses are a vital part of the functioning of any school district.  The lack of school bus drivers is a nationwide headache and Johnson County has not been immune from that problem.  With school starting next week, JCSD#1 Transportation Director Bill McKenzie tells parents about the status of school buses for this coming semester for students…

Cemetery District Update with Luke Goddard. Aug 2023

By 307NetRadio | August 12, 2023

Download There have been a number of changes at the Cemetery District recently, at the Board level as well as the appointment of a new sexton.  Luke Goddard, newly appointed Chairman of the Cemetery District Board outlines what’s been going on.  We discuss priorities for this new team, the challenges of losing “institutional knowledge”, the…

Affordable Housing Complex Proposal. Aug 9 2023

By 307NetRadio | August 9, 2023

Download Terry Asay, City of Buffalo Planning Director answers questions about the proposed new affordable housing development on S. Burritt Ave near Meadowlark and Cloud Peak Schools. City Council is poised to allow or deny the proposal to go forward on 15th August.  There is a lack of housing in Buffalo and it’s frustrating many…

Cemetery District Board Meeting. Aug 8 2023

By 307NetRadio | August 9, 2023

Download Open 0:00Oath of Office Board Member Kassie Spiering 0:10 Public Comment 0:40–  Shawn Sullivan Approve Agenda 3:05Approval of Vouchers 5:30Minutes –  July and Special Meeting 6:00Finance Report 6:40Public Officer Training Requirements  12:15– 23rd August 2023 Old BusinessCremation Garden Update Committee 15:30Sexton Job Description Committee Update 18:15 New BusinessIrrigation System Update 24:00Block 4 Discussion 33:40Used Truck & Snow Plow Purchase Discussion 35:00Kaycee Cemetery Update 37:50Summer Employee Recognition 46:10Meeting Times 49:15 Executive Session…

SCAM ALERT. Johnson County Sheriff. Aug 2023

By 307NetRadio | August 4, 2023

Scamming is nothing new in Johnson County.  However, the Sheriff’s Office and Buffalo Police Department want you to know about a recent uptick in scam phone calls trying to extort the public out of thousands of dollars.   This one fakes the vehicle accident of a family member and preys upon people anxious about their loved ones.  The…

Cemetery District Board Special Meeting. Aug 2, 2023

By 307NetRadio | August 4, 2023

Download Johnson County Cemetery District Board held a Special Meeting on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023 to appoint two new Board members to fill vacant positions and also to appoint a new sexton. 

County Commissioner Meeting. Aug 1 2023

By 307NetRadio | August 4, 2023

Download Call to Order 0:00Pledge of AllegianceApproval of July 17, 2023 Minutes General County BusinessGMRS Radio Project 0:45Tisdale Mountain Lease 3:50Fire Resolution #710 10:15Boundary Line Adjustment 17:45Vouchers 22:00Public Comment 24:30

Buffalo City Council Meeting. Aug 1 2023

By 307NetRadio | August 3, 2023

Download Call to Order 0:00Pledge of AllegianceApproval of AgendaApproval of Minutes – July 18, 2023 Unfinished Business 1:10– JoCo 1st Fire Panel Funding Request– Jerry Spiering – Affordable Housing Update 20:00 New Business–  Grace Fellowship request for Variance to City Code 16-26.1 Noise 25:15–  Friends Feeding Friends – Request to use Washington Park for food van distribution site 26:30–  Gavin &…