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BHS Students Quiz Superintendent Auzqui

Buffalo High School students quizzed Superintendent Charles Auzqui.    Students wanted to know what does Mr Auzqui do all day?   His opinion on the success of half-day Friday school days.  They also wanted to talk about what qualities make a good principal and teacher.  The students are interested in after school activities so we…


Struggling with Healthcare Insurance? Enroll Wyoming can help.

With Open Enrollment opening up on  November 1st, 2022 and closing on January 15th, 2023 it’s the season when many of us should be looking at our health insurance plans and options.   Are you confused or overwhelmed about making good health insurance choices?   Enroll Wyoming is a FREE resource to help you navigate…

The new “F” word. Fentanyl. Sheriff Odenbach & Police Chief Bissett.

The ‘F’ word – for Fentanyl – is one being talked about a lot.   Fentanyl is here in Johnson County.   What does that mean and what do you need to know?  Listen to Sheriff Rod Odenbach and Police Chief Sean Bissett who on the front lines for law enforcement.    They talk about…

What is in JCSD#1 libraries? Should you be concerned?

Libraries all across the country, as close as Gillette and Casper and as far as New York, are being criticized and even told what books they may shelve and which are considered pornographic, racist or against public sensibilities.  Opinions about the types of books school-age children can find and read are even more strongly held.…

Logo @ New West2

What is New West? Principal Mike Hanson explains what it is and who it is for.

New West High School is the newest school in JCSD#1.  Why are there even two high schools in Buffalo?  Who goes there?  What do students learn?  Who are the teachers? Do students graduate?  Who is eligible?  307NetRadio sat down with Principal Mike Hanson to find out more.     For more information about New West…

Rural Healthcare District Special Meeting. Nov 3, 2022

Rural Healthcare District Board held a Special Meeting to discuss the financial award of money being dispersed by the Wyoming Hospital Association on behalf of the Wyoming Department of Health. Money has been awarded to Kaycee Ambulance Service and Buffalo EMS for EMTs.    The Board discussed the amount awarded, the terms and conditions, and…


City Council Meeting – City of Buffalo Nov 11, 2022

Call to Order, Pledge, Approval of Agenda & Minutes 0:00NEW BUSINESS 1:00Councilman Hart – Oct 18, 2022 council meeting absence 1:00Proclamation – Operation Green Light 1:20Chamber of Commerce, Jennifer Romanoski Dec 3 street closure – Parade 7:15JC Arts & Humanities Council, Bonnie Klasinski, Art & Music Festival + street dance July 29,2023. 12:15 REPORTS–   …

County Commissioner’s Meeting, Nov 1, 2022

Call to Order 0:00Budget Amendment Resolution 691 Cyber Security Audit 0:45Bomber Mountain Update 3:50Operation Green Light for Veteran’s Resolution 686Homeland Security Grants 25:55Vouchers 31:50Public Comment (none)Executive Session  33:15 Close 

City of Buffalo Dept Head Meeting, Nov 1, 2022

AGENDA Main Street Alley Bid Process 0:00Sidewalk Study with County 1:15Infrastructure Grant Awards 2:45Alternative Water Source Committee 7:20Memorial Beach – baseball 9:30Christmas Party 12:05Department Head Items +Board Liaison Updates 16:50 Close 42:00

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JCSD#1 Supt. Charles Auzqui, Oct 28 2022

Superintendent Charles Auzqui discusses the challenges of finding people to fill positions across all areas in the school district.  It’s most acutely felt in the Transportation Department right now.   How can the shortages be fixed?   Whilst offering higher pay goes some way to helping it is not fixing the problems.  What new thinking is…