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The Surge in Drugs. Sheriff & Police Chief. Mar 23 2023

By 307NetRadio | March 27, 2023

News media report almost daily on two massive challenges facing the nation;  drug use and mass shootings.   Should Johnson County folks concerned? How are our Sheriff and Police Departments tackling the challenge?    By proactive policing and working together.  Sheriff Odenbach and Police Chief Bissett are working hand in glove.  They report that in…

Get Kindergarten Ready. Principal Laurie Graves. Mar 22 2023

By 307NetRadio | March 25, 2023

Is your child entering Kindergarten this year?  Meadowlark Elementary School Principal Laurel Graves explains the benefits of registering now and getting a screening.   She explains the Junior K Program as well as regular Kindergarten classes, Kinder Camp, and what’s on offer at Meadowlark School.   For more information call Meadowlark Elementary School 307 684…

How to Grade Teachers? Supt. Charles Auzqui. Mar 24, 2023

By 307NetRadio | March 25, 2023

Parents and JCSD#1 want to know if teachers are meeting expectations and standards in the classroom.  But teacher evaluation can provoke strong reactions.  Some see it as a means of providing valuable feedback for professional improvement, while others feel the focus on evaluation detracts from their ability to focus on students.  Superintendent Charles Auzqui advocates…

BHS PIT Crew Meeting. Mar 17 2023

By 307NetRadio | March 24, 2023

Dean of Students and Counselors Madonna Esponda and Michelle Dahlberg led this parent information meeting.      2:00 BHS is suspending its dress code for midriffs and hats for a trial period in April after Spring Break.  How did this come about?   How will this relaxation of the rules play out?  Madonna Esponda explains.…

A Glimmer of Hope? Wyoming Suicide Crisis. Mar 2023

By 307NetRadio | March 23, 2023

Suicide is devastating.  Wyoming leads the nation per capita in deaths by suicide – nearly double that of the national average.  But there is a glimmer of hope.   Wyoming’s suicide rate fell in 2022.  Since Jan 2023 the 24-hour confidential 988 Suicide and Crisis Hotline has fielded more than 10,000 calls and more support…

“Failing Forward”. American Legion Baseball. Mar 2023

By 307NetRadio | March 23, 2023

Baseball is a game of failures. How does this translate to success off the field?  At the onset of the season.  Drawing on 37 years of involvement with the sport, new coach Adam Teten explains his coaching philosophy, how he sees lessons learned on the field translate into valuable life skills with wide applicability, and…

Buffalo City Council Meeting. Mar 21 2023

By 307NetRadio | March 23, 2023

CALL TO ORDER 0:00PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCEAPPROVAL OF AGENDAAPPROVAL OF MINUTES – March 7, 2023.  Regular Meeting Minutes UNFINISHED BUSINESS. 1:00Ordinance #1414 – 2nd Rdg – An Ordinance providing for the annexation of “DEER PARK ADDITION” to the Town of the City of Buffalo, Wyoming. NEW BUSINESS 1:30–  Edison Elder – Buffalo Community Rink update 1:30– …

County Commissioner Meeting. Mar 21 2023

By 307NetRadio | March 21, 2023

Call to Order 0:00PledgeWyoming Dept. of Health Gaming Distribution for Mental Health 0:30Lake DeSmet Board Appointments 8:10Moose Lodge Liquor License 12:45Website Project Status Report 14:05Budget Motions 23:20Lake DeSmet Settlement 27:45County Clerk – Clarification on 1% Tax 37:30Public Comment – none Close 40:00Next meeting Tues May 4 2023 @ 9:00 am

City County Meeting. Mar 21 2023

By 307NetRadio | March 21, 2023

Open 0:00 County’s transition from .us to .gov 0:10Trails Master Plan  4:15Potential City/County Capital Construction Projects 13:50 Additional Commissioner Items 21:20–  City/County Grant Writing –  % Tax Committee Additional Council Items 28:10Infrastructure failures at Richardson Park Capital Construction projectsCity/County Clean Up 2023 Close 33:50 Next City/County Meeting– Tues April 17, 2023 @ 7:00 am

The Bot Can Do My Homework! Mar 2023

By 307NetRadio | March 20, 2023

The genie is already out of the bottle.  AI is here and already being used by students in Johnson County. If you use Siri or Alexa you are already using AI. Furthermore, it is not even clear if AI can be regulated, or what that could even look like.  Meanwhile, the implications for education cannot…