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Choosing The Right Road. September 2023

By 307NetRadio | September 21, 2023

Maybe you have heard of “The Right Road”?   Find out more about this collective spirit of a community coming together for the next generation.   Why does a legion of almost 100 community volunteers from diverse professions unite and dedicate their time to an extraordinary school day for Sophomore students?  What do they want…

Buffalo City Council Meeting. Sept 19, 2023

By 307NetRadio | September 21, 2023

Call to Order 0:00Pledge of AllegianceApproval of Minutes, Sept 5 Regular Meeting Unfinished Business 1:20 New Business 1:20–  Councilman Madsen Sept 5 2023 Council Meeting absence 1:25–  Tiffany Songer, Buffalo High School Road Closure Request Homecoming Oct 2 1:50–  Animal Shelter Contract 4:00–  Resolution #1470 – Annual Appropriation for fiscal year ending June 2024 9:10– …

City/ County Meeting. Sept 19, 2023

By 307NetRadio | September 21, 2023

JoCo 1st – Community Facility Rehab Program 0:00Residential Lots – health, safety and real estate sales 7:00Fishing Pond Docks – East of I-25 16:00 Commissioner Items 19:50– Richardson Park – Infrastructure Improvements 21:00– Ice Rink, Zamboni Purchase Proposal 38:50  Council Items– Liquor License 44:50 Announcements – Next City/County Meeting Oct 17th, 2023 @ 7:00 am 

A Conversation with Poet Laureate Gene Gagliano. Sept 20, 2023

By 307NetRadio | September 20, 2023

Meet Wyoming Poet Laureate, National Award Winning Children’s Author Gene Gagliano.  Find out how Gene discovered writing and became a published author and eventually Wyoming Poet Laureate.    We discuss the very personal process of writing, where the inspiration comes from, and quite why he is known as “the teacher who dances on his desk”! Don’t…

Students Ask… Superintendent Charles Auzqui. Sept 14, 2023

By 307NetRadio | September 18, 2023

In the first of our regular sessions when “Students Ask….”,  Buffalo High School students quizzed Superintendent Auzqui about some issues on their minds.  There are many new teachers faces this year and students have noticed.  Representatives from Buffalo High School wanted to know if JCSD#1 is typical of other school districts around the state and…

Cemetery District Board Meeting . Sept 12, 2023

By 307NetRadio | September 14, 2023

Approve Agenda 0:00Public Comment 2:00Approve Vouchers 2:15Approve August Meeting Minutes 3:00Finance Report 3:15 Old Business 15:45Cremation Garden Committee Update Location Discussion Sexton Job Description Cttee Update 29:45Irrigation System Update 31:00 New BusinessSexton Report Format 37:45Comp Time Policy 50:00Saluting Frances 57:10Kaycee Gate Discussion 1:02:25Saturday Burial Refund 1:08:05Cell phones 1:11:00Doorbell Cameras 1:24:00Hay (Buffalo) 1:25:45 Executive Session 1:26:15

JCSD#1 Board Meeting. Sept 11 2023

By 307NetRadio | September 14, 2023

Pledge of Allegiance 0:00Roll Call 0:45Public Comment 1:20The Right Road 3:25Additions/Accept Agenda 4:15 General ReportsJCSD#1 Student Video 8:20Principal Reports 13:00Director Reports 28:45Superintendent Report 36:50Curriculum and Learning Report 41:25Special Services Report 43:20Business Report 46: 00Rec Board Report  50:00BOCES Report 51:15BOCHES Report 58:00 Leadership Governance 2.13 58:30 Consent Agenda 1:03:00MinutesWarrantsEmployment/Salary AdvancementIsolation RequestsBus RoutesSummer PaychecksHomeschool – acknowledgeAction Items…

Rural Healthcare District Board Meeting. Sept 11, 2023

By 307NetRadio | September 14, 2023

Introduction 0:00Approve Agenda. 1:45Review Vouchers  2:45Approve Minutes August General Meeting 4:00Tucker Ruby, County Attorney – Title 25 Transfers 5:00Treasurer’s Report 35:30 Old Business–  RFP New Building 39:25–  New Ambulance Purchase 45:10 New Business–  QuickMed Billing 45:35 Buffalo Director’s Report 9:47:25Kaycee Director’s Report 51:45 Special Use District Mandatory Training 52:45Kaycee New Radios 55:40Issues with Dispatch and Mutual AidF32 and Cash Flow Report (tabled) 1:01:15 Public Comment 1:01:20–  Frank Bellek, New Building…

Wave Hello To The World. Buffalo Amateur Radio Klub. Sept 2023

By 307NetRadio | September 7, 2023

‘Ham radio’ as it is commonly known has long been a great additional communication resource for a wide variety of interests and needs.   In areas such as Johnson County where cellphone service can be patchy, amateur radio can be a valuable additional resource when facing emergency situations or simply to communicate in poor coverage…

Buffalo City Council Meeting. Sept 5 2023

By 307NetRadio | September 7, 2023

Call To Order 0:00 Pledge of Allegiance Approval of Minutes August 15, 2023 Public Hearing 1:00 Retail Liquor License Transfer – Maverik Unfinished BusinessNew Business Liquor License Transfer – Maverik 1:30 Proclamation – Suicide Prevention Week Sept 10-16 2:00Mayor’s Appointments  10:00– Kaycee-Buffalo Johnson County Economic Development Joint Powers Board (Jo Co 1st) Zac Smith– Planning & Zoning Board Jake Wright– Lodging Tax…