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Buffalo City Council Meeting
Feb 20, 2024

By 307NetRadio | February 21, 2024

Download Call to OrderPledge of AllegianceApproval of AgendaApproval of Minutes Feb 6, 2024  Public Hearing 0:55– Liquor License Transfer, Papa Binos New Business– Liquor License Transfer – Papa Binos 1:30    – Resolution #1476 – 1% taxes allocation 1:55– Animal Care Provider Agreement 2:55 Reports 10:45City Attorney, Dennis Kirven (none)Building Inspector, Terry Asay 10:55Police Chief, Sean Bissett – Honoring Sgt Krinkee, Sheridan Law Enforcement 12:55Public…

Affordable Housing
What Can Solve The Crisis?
Feb 2024

By 307NetRadio | February 20, 2024

Download Scarce affordable housing is a critical problem, frustrating local employers who attract great new employees, only to lose them due to the lack of housing options.  Buffalo must find a way to solve this problem to avoid losing out to other communities. Creating affordable housing solutions is a complicated process. High land prices, labor, and…

The View From Cheyenne ‘ 24
Senator Dave Kinskey
Feb 18, 24

By 307NetRadio | February 19, 2024

Senator Dave Kinskey joins 307NetRadio with a report from the first week of the 2024 Legislative Budget Session.  House Representatives are focused on providing substantive property tax relief.  What is happening in the Senate and how is his bill faring?  Newly reappointed as Chairman of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, a title he was stripped…

The View From Cheyenne.
Representative Barry Crago
Feb 17, 2024

By 307NetRadio | February 19, 2024

Download HD40 Representative Barry Crago reports on the first week of the Legislative Session.  It’s a short, budget-focused session that got off at a brisk pace.   Is there any significant movement towards Property Tax Relief?  Amidst the stark divisions within the Wyoming Republican Party, is it possible for legislators to work together effectively, or…

Cemetery District Board Meeting
Feb 13, 2024

By 307NetRadio | February 15, 2024

Download Open 0:00Public Comment (none)Approve Agenda 1:10Approve Vouchers 1:55Approve Previous Meeting Minutes 2:45Finance Report 3:15 Sexton Report– Record Keeping Correction 8:40– Plowing Assistance 10:00– Tree Trimming 10:35– Irrigation System Update 11:30– Russian Olive Project 12:00– Markers 12:15– Kaycee Cemetery Gate 20:35– Comp Time (tabled) New Business (none) 30:50 Rolling Agenda Items– Preliminary Budget Worksheet 30:55 Adjourn 35:05

Rural Healthcare District Board Meeting
Feb 12, 2024

By 307NetRadio | February 15, 2024

Download Open Approve Agenda 0:00Approve Minutes General Meeting 0:35 Buffalo Director’s Report 3:50– Ambulance Calls – MS73 Electrical Issues– In-County Charge Schedule  Kaycee Director’s Report 10:20– Ambulance Calls – ‘I Am Responding’ program  Old Business – New Building 15:45– Billing Company Process – Total Practice Strategies 24:35– Transfers – 28:50– Mutual Aide Agreement – Campbell County EMS 44:15 New Business –…

Is It A Great Day At The YMCA?
Director Tim Cahal
Feb 2024

By 307NetRadio | February 14, 2024

Download If you call the YMCA in Buffalo you are greeted with “It’s a great day at the YMCA!”.  But is it?   Our Y faces serious challenges.  Limited space, an aging building, an indoor pool that is past its ‘sell by’ date, and staffing shortages plus it’s all tied to a funding model designed…

JCSD#1 Board Meeting
Feb 12, 2024

By 307NetRadio | February 14, 2024

Download Regular Session 0:00 Pledge of AllegianceRoll CallPublic CommentFacility Use Program – Kelley GlackinAdditions/Accept Agenda General Reports 13:00JCSD# 1 Student VideoPrincipal Reports 16: 15Superintendent Reports 37:25Director Reports 40:00District Level Reports 44:45Rec Board Report 55:30BOCES Report 56:00BOCHES Report 50:30 Executive Session Personnel & Legal W>S>16-4-405  58:30 Consent Agenda 59:00A. MinutesB. WarrantsC. EmploymentD. Buffalo 2024-2025 Calendar Correction  Action…

Students Ask…
Supt. Auzqui & School Board Chairman Pearson
Feb 12, 2024

By 307NetRadio | February 14, 2024

Download BHS Student Council representatives have challenging questions for Superintendent Auzqui and Board Chairman Travis Pearson about JCSD#1 testing scores.  How should these results be interpreted?  Are they good enough? Are students getting all they need to reach their potential?   Are the tests even relevant?  How does JCSD#1 gauge its strengths and weaknesses?  There…

Buffalo City Council Meeting.
Feb 6, 2024

By 307NetRadio | February 7, 2024

Download Call to Order 0:00Pledge of AllegianceApproval of AgendaApproval of Minutes Jan 16, 2024 Regular Meeting New Business- – Buffalo Youth Baseball 1:30– Senator Kinskey, Legislative Overview 17:55– JC All Hazard Recovery   & Emergency Operations Plan 29:30– Resolution #1475 WY Outdoor Recreation Grant   ARPA Funds 42:55 Mayor’s Board Appointment– Adam Todd, Lodging Tax Board 45:40 Reports 46:00City Attorney (none)Building Inspector/Planning Director (not present)Police Chief 46:15Public Works…

County Commissioner Meeting
Feb 6, 2024

By 307NetRadio | February 7, 2024

Download Call to Order 0:00Pledge of Allegiance Approval Jan 16, 2024 MinutesGeneral County Business Renewal of Liquor Licenses 0:50Resolution 717 Budget Amendment (Opioid Settlement) 4:00Dept. of Family Services Child Support Program, Paige Rhoads 7:05JoCo 1st Marketing Presentation, Claudia Todd 11:45Board Appointment Mountain Plains Heritage Park 20:30Emergency Operation & All Hazard Recovery Plan 21:20Lake DeSmet North Acres Purchase,…

City of Buffalo
Dept. Head Meeting
Feb 6, 2024

By 307NetRadio | February 7, 2024
City of Buffalo logo

Download Open 0:00Wyoming Outdoor Recreation ARPA Grant 0:05Johnson County All Hazards Recovery Plan 2:05Major Capital Construction Projects – Updates 3:30 Department Head Items 10:05Clerk 10:10City Fire Chief 11:20Police Chief 13:05Planning Director/Building Inspector 21:15Public Works 27:00Mayor 28:35City Attorney 36:15 Board Liaison Reports & Other Updates 38:25Councilman CaminoCouncilman MadsenCouncilman MaddenMayor Public Comments 50:30– JCTA, Jody Sauers– 307NetRadio,…