“Mind Matters.”
Addressing Alzheimer’s Disease.
Aug 2023

Alzheimer’s, often referred to as the “silent epidemic,” is a neurodegenerative disorder that not only affects individuals but also their families and caregivers. The older we get, the more likely we are to develop Alzheimer’s Disease.  Johnson County has a higher-than-average number of seniors compared to many other Wyoming counties so this is an issue that could challenge both families and healthcare providers alike. Ann Clement, Director of Programs for the Wyoming Chapter, Alzheimer’s Association, recently traveled to Buffalo for a Community Forum hosted by the Senior Center to find out more about how the Association can serve our community.Ann is a wealth of knowledge and 307NetRadio caught up with her and asked a lot of questions about Alzheimer’s Disease, diagnosis, treatment, and other resources.   What are the signs to watch for?   Questions about diagnosis?  What are treatment options?   Whether you’re someone who’s seeking answers about Alzheimer’s disease, a caregiver looking for support, or simply interested in learning more about this condition, listen in and find out more.For more information visit : https://www.alz.org/professionals/public-health/state-overview/wyoming