A Glimmer of Hope? Wyoming Suicide Crisis. Mar 2023

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Suicide is devastating.  Wyoming leads the nation per capita in deaths by suicide – nearly double that of the national average.  But there is a glimmer of hope.   Wyoming’s suicide rate fell in 2022.  Since Jan 2023 the 24-hour confidential 988 Suicide and Crisis Hotline has fielded more than 10,000 calls and more support and resources are coming into place. 

Find out more about what the 988 Helpline is about, who it is for, how it works and other resources in our conversation with Bill Hawley, Community Prevention Manager. 

Suicidal?  In Crisis?  Call 988.  

There is also the Crisis Text Line for any crisis to connect with a trained counselor – Text HELP or START to 741741

Connect with Bill Hawley
bhawley@johnsoncowy.us Tel: 307-425-6552