The View from Cheyenne. Representative Barry Crago. Feb 28 2023

Cheyenne Poster With Barry Cargo

Download Legislators are leaving Cheyenne having failed to provide Property Tax Relief. “Legislature did not do its job”.  It’s back to the drawing board for at least one more year, in the meantime taxpayers will have to bear the burden. How did it fall apart?  What happened to more than 20 bills?     Barry…

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Virtual School Days. Love ’em or hate ’em? Feb 24 2023

A Little Girl Siting in Front of a Laptop

At the end of a week overshadowed by brutal winter weather, Superintendent Charles Auzqui talks about whether virtual school days are working.   Decisions at the legislative session have direct implications for Johnson County students and teachers.  What bills has Charles Auzqui been watching and was the trip to Cheyenne to speak directly to legislators worthwhile?…

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The View from Cheyenne. Senator Kinskey Feb 22 2023

Senator Dave Kinskey Poster With a Building

Download What is still in play for Property Tax relief?  Who will get relief?  Who is for, and who is against? The Senator reports on the crossover voting bill, and  explains why the proposed age to legally purchase vapes was reduced from 21 to 18.  This session more than previous, legislators have debated a lot…

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County Commissioner Meeting. Feb 21 2023

Download Call to Order 0:00Pledge of AllegianceApproval of February 7, 2023 Minutes General County Business Budget Amendment  Resolution 697Opioid Budget Resolution 0:30Extension Office Year in Review 4:45Project Updates – Powder River Ranger District 17:30Johnson County Tourism Association (JCTA) 40:00Website Domain 48:00Liquor License Renewals 59:50Powder River Energy Pole Release 1:09:15Recycling Board Appointment 1:10:40Public Comment 1:21:40Emergency Management…

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City of Buffalo Council Meeting. Feb 21 2023

City of Buffalo logo

Download PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCEAPPROVAL OF AGENDA 0:35APPROVAL OF MINUTES February 7, 2022. Regular Meeting Minutes 1:05 UNFINISHED BUSINESS 1:20Ordinance #1413 – 3rd & Final Rdg – An ordinance amending Chapter 16: Offenses – Miscellaneous, Section 40, contact with wildlife within the limits of the City of Buffalo.  NEW BUSINESS (none) REPORTS  2:00 City Attorney (none)Building InspectorPolice…

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Cemetery District Board Meeting. Feb 21 2023

Pathways surrounded by trees and grass

Download Open  0:00Public Comments 0:40– John ZorbasGuest Presentation 2:35– Echoes of the Past August 2023Approval of Vouchers 7:00Minutes January 2023 Board Meeting 7:55Financial Report  8:50Sexton’s Report 24:20Unfinished Business  40:55–  Application of State & District Constitutions (tabled) –  –  Cremation Garden Estimates (tabled)–  Kaycee Heater Estimates–  Conflict of Interest Forms (tabled) New Business 48:15–  Standardizing Bid…

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City County Meeting. Feb 21 2023

The outside of an old building

Download Intro / Opening Remarks 0:00Legislative Update–   Direct Distribution 0:45–   Crosswalk Money 2:00–   Budget Update & Wyolink 4:40–   Bar & Grill Update 6:45–   Property Tax Relief 9:00 Big Horn National Forest Discussion Pole Creek Vegetation Management Plan 17:15Forest Plan Revisions 20:401%Tax Update 22:30JCTA (Jo Co Tourism Association) Update 26:30General Comments  36:30 Next City/County Meeting March 21, 2023 @ 7:00 am

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