JC Hospital Board Meeting. 28 Dec 2023


AGENDA I.  Review and approve the prior month’s Board meeting minutes 0:00II.            Elect Officers 0:40III.           Chief of Staff Report 3:30IV.           Leadership Reports (in Board Packets)  4:55 V.            CEO Report 28:00VI.          JCHC Financial Performance 45:00VII.          Bank Signature Card Changes…

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Buffalo City Council Meeting, Dec 20th 2022

City of Buffalo logo

CALL TO ORDER 0:00PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE APPROVAL OF AGENDA 0:35APPROVAL OF MINUTES·       December 6, 2022 – Regular Meeting Minutes PUBLIC HEARING 05:00·       Big Horn Cooperative Marketing Annexation UNFINISHED BUSINESS NEW BUSINESS 1:45·       Ordinance #1412 – 1st Rdg – An ordinance providing for the annexation of the “Big Horn Cooperative Marketing Association, a Wyoming nonprofit corporation” to…

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Not Feeling The Joy? VOA Can Help.

Struggling with the holidays?  They aren’t always picture-perfect.   It’s ok to need support.  VOA recently merged with Northern Wyoming Mental Health.  They offer many support services from counseling to substance abuse treatment and much more.  Listen to Tyler Broderick and Kelly Buckingham explain what is on offer and what to expect.  Money a worry?…

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All Under One Roof! Bomber Mountain Civic Center

Bomber Mountain Civic Center Board

Who knew so many entities are thriving under one roof?  Facility Coordinator Claudia Todd has been steadily transforming the space for the past 6 years.  It might not be the prettiest of spaces but it has undergone clean up, and function is the name of the game in this structurally sound, albeit, old building, owned…

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Rural Healthcare District Board Meeting, Dec 12 2022

The back of an ambulance

Open 0:00Approve Agenda 0:25Review Vouchers 5:45Approve Minutes–  Special Meeting Minutes 39:55–  General Meeting Minutes 41:20Firewalls in Buffalo & Kaycee 41:30 Treasurer’s Report 48:00Buffalo Director’s Report 52:20Kaycee Director’s Report 1:01:50 Old BusinessRFP – Contract for Architect – tabledPayroll Tax – Contract Amendment 1:03:50Title 25 Patients Agreement with Commissioners – tabledEmployee Handbook 1:14:10Past Records 1:24:50Audit 2021-22 1:28:50Firewall+…

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JCSD#1 School Board Meeting, Dec 12 2022

Regular Session 0:00Pledge Roll Call 1:00Public CommentAdditions/Accept Agenda 9:00Board Officer Elections 9:20Audit Review 15:00General ReportsJCSD#1 Student Video 47:40BHS School Improvement Plan 51:50 Principal Reports 1:24:30Director Reports 1:29:30Superintendent Report 1:38:00Curriculum & Learning Report 1:39:30Special Services Report 1:39:45Business Report 1:41:45– Rec Board Report– BOCES Report– BOCHES Report Leadership Governance 1.1-1.6 1:47:20 Consent Agenda 1:51:15Action Items 1:53:15Policy Revision – second readingPolicy…

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Cemetery Board Meeting, Dec 13 2022

Pathways surrounded by trees and grass

Open 0:00Seating of New Board Members Election of officers 0:25Public Records CustodianPublic Comments 13:05– Dave Harness, Harness Funeral Home 13:20– Steve Wirth 14:45– John Zorbas 18:25Vouchers Approval 19:45Minutes of November’s Board Meeting 21:05Financial Report  21:55Sexton’s Report 40:55Guest Presentations and Bids 1:06:20– Insurance consideration     – Web design estimates – tabled– Camera system estimates – tabled – Cremation garden…

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JCSD#1 Supt. Charles Auzqui, 8 Dec 2022

“We are better together” text against a gray background with an apple illustration

JCSD#1 is encouraging “Parent Engagement”.  Charles Auzqui explains what is meant by that,  What does it mean in practice and the value to students, parents and teachers. There is a lot of work being done on School Improvement Plans.  Charles introduces what this is and the goals.  307NetRadio will be featuring much more information on…

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