Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief, 1st & 2nd Dec

White “The Lightning Thief” text against a brick wall background

Buffalo High School Theater Dept Presents THE LIGHTING THIEF – THE PERCY JACKSON MUSICAL.    Karen Blaney tells 307NetRadio about this production, the theater program at BHS, and more.  You won’t want to miss this opportunity for a family-friendly live theater experience at BHS Auditorium,  Dec 1st & 2nd at 7:00 pm.  Even better –…

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JCSD#1 Supt. Charles Auzqui, Nov 22 2022

Inspirational words written as filaments inside a light bulb

Download Full of Thanksgiving spirit and an ‘attitude of gratitude’ 307NetRadio talked to Superintendent Charles Auzqui.    We talked about the value of training and collaborations through the Wyoming School Boards Association. JCSD#1 is already planning Professional Development for next summer which includes professional growth and better teacher & principal evaluation systems.   Worried about…

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OCR and the Semi-Automatic Fly-Fishing Reel

Person holding a fishing rod over a body of water

Download 307NetRadio caught up with OCR, the Buffalo-based team behind a groundbreaking new semi-automatic fly fishing reel. Listen to Zac Sexton, Brad Williams and Rodney Fought explain why it is such an amazing new product invented and prototyped here in Johnson County, how it is being tested and refined by the world’s best fly fishermen,…

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Revitalising the Chamber of Commerce

An illustration of a pickup truck out in the snow

Download The Chamber of Commerce is active after a difficult period of inactivity.   307NetRadio met with President Jennifer Romanoski and new Membership Coordinator Pam Day to find out more.  We talked about funding, the beleaguered past, what’s coming next, and rebuilding public confidence.    Don’t miss out on the Christmas Button campaign or the…

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BHS PIT Crew Meeting, Nov 2022

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PIT stands for ‘Parents In Touch’.  It can be difficult to get to meetings but if you are a BHS parent these sessions are highly recommended.  Whilst 307NetRadio can help you stay up to date on what you may have missed, there is nothing like attending in person.  You will get to interact with BHS…

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JCSD#1 School Board Meeting, Nov 14 2022

JCSD Wording in Black Color on a White Background

Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call 0.00Oath Of Office – New/returning members 2:00Public Comment 5:00Additions/Accept Agenda GENERAL REPORTS – JCSD#1 Student Video 6:00– Principal Reports 10:00– Director Reports 43:00– Superintendent Report 53:00– Curriculum & Learning Report 55:00– Special Services Report 56:00– Business Report 58:00– Recreation Board Report 1:10:00– BOCES Report 114:00– BOCHES Report 1:16:00 – Leadership Governance 2.6 Instruction 1:17:30…

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Buffalo City Council Meeting, Nov 15 2022

City of Buffalo logo

Download CALL TO ORDER 0:00PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCEAPPROVAL OF AGENDAAPPROVAL OF MINUTE – November 1, 2022 – Regular Meeting Minutes PUBLIC HEARING–   Liquor License Renewals UNFINISHED BUSINESS NEW BUSINESS–   2023 Liquor License Renewals 1:00–  Claudia Todd, JOCO First – Bomber Mtn Civic Center update 1:45–  Buffalo Athletic Club – contract renewal 7:30–  Cheyann Pehringer, Buffalo Children’s…

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Rural Healthcare District Board Meeting, Nov 15 2022

Closed doors of an ambulance in white

Download AGENDAApprove Agenda 0:00Review Vouchers 1:00Approval of Oct Meeting Minutes 20:45Treasurer’s Report 22:35Buffalo Director’s Report  26:30Kaycee Director’s Report. 38:00 Old Business 38:20–    Digiteks Firewall Hardware 39:3–    RFP Contract for Architect – tabled–    Portable Nitrous Oxide Unit  45:–    Payroll Tax re: Wy Dept. of Health payment for EMTs 57:25–    Ambulance Licenses…

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City County Meeting, Nov 15 2022

The outside of an old building

Download OpenJohnson County Tourist Association –  0:00Extraterritorial Jurisdiction – Growth Management Agreement 9:15Commissioner Items 20:40Council Items 24:00 Close AnnouncementsWYDOT Public Meeting – Buffalo Main St – Thursday Nov 17 @ 5:00 pm JC LibraryNext Council/Commissioner’s Breakfast – Dec 20 @ 7:00 am 

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