Supt. Charles Auzqui,
Oct 28 2022

A yellow school bus with the text “Who is driving the bus?”

Superintendent Charles Auzqui discusses the challenges of finding people to fill positions across all areas in the school district.  It’s most acutely felt in the Transportation Department right now.   How can the shortages be fixed?   Whilst offering higher pay goes some way to helping it is not fixing the problems.  What new thinking is…

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Rose Harriet,
Counseling & Play
Therapy Center

Two women holding awards and smiling

It’s no wonder Rose Harriet and Jamie Straessler were awarded 2022 Champions for Children in Johnson County. The Counseling and Play Therapy Center has been thriving. Rose explains the special techniques using toys and play to help kids resolve issues and heal.   What’s more the Counseling and Play Therapy Center is not just for…

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Sources of Strength,
Oct 2022

A pie chart with positive catchphrases

Should we be talking about mental health issues with Middle Schoolers?   Middle school can be rough for many students. Clear Creek Middle School has introduced a new program to help students with their relationships and beyond.  What it is?   What does it do?  Does it work?    Bill Hawley and Jen Skaggs explain what…

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JC Hospital
Board Meeting,
Oct 26 2022


1. Intro and review/approve prior month’s meeting minutes 0:002. Chief of Staff Report 0:353. Leadership Reports 3:40 4. Credentialing Report/Approval 31:005. JCHC Financial Performance 40:106. Construction Loan Engagement Approval 50:357. Contract Addendum Approval – Real Radiology 56:308. Executive Session  Close

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Amendment A is
on the ballot.
Are you For?

Silhouette of six people against a background of numbers and data

Wyoming Constitution allows the state to invest state funds in equities such as the stock of corporations, but does not allow the funds of counties, cities and other political subdivisions to be invested the same way.   Amendment A would allow local entities to invest as the state can.   307NetInfo asks why it’s a good idea,…

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Domestic Violence Awareness
Dawn Brannaman

Text about Domestic Violence Awareness month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Dawn Brannaman explains its many forms – it isn’t just physical violence and it isn’t just men hurting women.   We discuss the incidence here in Johnson County and the challenges living in small communities add to tackling abusive relationships. If you are living in fear or if you suspect…

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Crew Meeting
Oct 18 2022

Black illustration of a buffalo with the letter “B”

BHS Principal Gib Ostheimer explains Buffalo High School’s Report Card Nurse Kelley Glackin shares details of all staff being trained to administer Narcan – a safe and simple antidote to opioid overdose Karen Blaney talks about the dynamic student drama program and forthcoming production of the musical ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief’

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Senior Citizen
Service District –
on the ballot

The Senior Service Special District is on the ballot again.   Board Chairman Mark Wilson explains why and why the Senior Citizens Service District Board is asking for your “Yes” vote again on November 8th, 2022.  307NetInfo asked what happens to the money, and other questions you will want to know the answers to as…

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