Mark Bentley - Radio Host, Founding Partner

Mark Bentley was born in Las Vegas, New Mexico in 1946. He grew up on a cattle ranch with his grandparents, but the ranches were sold in 1956, thus ending his dream of running cows for a career. In 1959, he began working at KSLV, AM 1240, in Monte Vista, Colorado, and thus began a lifelong love of radio.

While working in Monte Vista, Bentley attended Adams State College majoring in speech and theater, and founded the college radio station.

Since then, he worked at NBC in New York in the 1960s, covered a Middle East war a devastating earthquake in Nicaragua and as a reporter everything from plane crashes to investigating corruption in government.

After moving back to New Mexico 30 years ago, he owned and operated an AM radio station in Los Alamos; managed two stations in Santa Fe and became a syndicated radio host with over 22 New Mexico affiliates.

Mark and his wife, Eileen, moved to Buffalo in January of 2014 after having fallen in love with it and the people, culture and countryside.

Mark was the general manager of Bighorn Mountain Radio Network for 13 months before leaving. The idea for 307NetRadio came from his wife Eileen and friend Karen Blaney, and with the incredible skills and knowledge of Michael Knebel, has come to fruition.

Michael Knebel - Technology Director, Founding Partner

Michael Knebel was born in Helena, Montana, with extensive family roots in the Buffalo area.

Michael studied Marketing, International Business and Mass Communications at The University of Tulsa. After graduation, some of the projects Michael was involved in included the first shipment tracking system for national Pharmaceuticals sample distribution, the first online commodities trading platform and more.

Currently, Michael is a resident of Buffalo, Wyoming, boasting extensive involvement around the community that includes building the platform for the first Internet radio station in Buffalo - 307NetRadio.com!


Telephone: (505) 690-5858 (Mark Bentley)
59 North Lobban
Buffalo, Wy 82834